Meet Roy, the technical genius behind the eduly project

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Jul 14, 2018 · 3 min read

Roy, you’re a co-founder of eduly. How did it all start for you?

I’ve owned my own digital development agency for the last 8 years. In that time, I’ve worked with organisations like Google and Nestle, developing apps, websites and learning from the best in the business. I’ve always had an urge to find a way of using mobile technology to do something that will make a real impact on the world. When Max approached me with the concept of developing a classroom app, it resonated so strongly with me and my personal circumstances, I felt compelled to play a part in the project.

As a separated father, I have limited time with my daughter and have become incredibly frustrated with how disconnected I am with her education. As with most schools who can only communicate with a single designated phone number, I’ve found I’m missing notifications from school and it came to a head last summer when I missed a sports day because I wasn’t told about it. I thought, something has got to change. And I truly believe that through eduly, it will.

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Roy enjoying some family time

Tell us about your role as Chief Technology Officer?

Through my business I’ve become an expert in mobile technology and usability. So, in simple terms, I’m the guy who develops the app and makes sure it is as easy to use as possible. I’m responsible for creating the app that we see today and now we are live my team makes sure feedback we receive from teachers and parents is implemented. Beyond that, my view is that eduly will never stand still, it will constantly evolve and improve. We are taking a teacher and parent centric approach to the development of functionality, prioritising improvements based on the feedback we receive from teachers, parents and schools to make everyone’s experience better. A critical part of my role is also making sure we roadmap a vision for the future, communicating that clearly with schools and parents and delivering it as seamlessly as possible.

What’s your favorite functionality built into eduly?

What most people see is the newsfeed, updates and messaging functionality, but I’m most impressed with the school administration console we have built. It’s basically the back-end part of the app which gives the school control of the system, allows them to add and amend pupil/teacher and class records and allows them to do this at the click of a button. The simplicity of the console, allows a school to minimise the time needed to set-up eduly and makes ongoing admin very quick and easy. With us entering the end of year period, I must mention the grading cards which we’ve developed to make sure schools can send out school reports through the app.

Obviously we can’t say too much about what we are planning, but can you give people an insight into what we are looking to launch in September?

By the start of the new school year, we want to realise a vision where a school can self start on eduly within just 5 minutes. That means, from initial enquiry, they can upload data and send an invitation email to parents and teachers for the entire school all in 5 minutes.

What everyday apps would you describe eduly as being most like?

We’ve tried to make eduly as simple to use as possible. I like to see it as a hybrid of a number of popular apps — as revolutionary as Spotify, as easy to use as Facebook and as secure as Whatsapp. Bringing all the clever functionality in those apps to improve the relationships between parents and teachers.

We’ll be bringing Roy back to blog about future releases of the app. Keep an eye on social media for upcoming developments from the technical team behind eduly.


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