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Jul 30, 2018 · 3 min read

Nat’s top five eduly features for teachers

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We’re delighted to have finished a very successful first term at Rack House Primary School. Before heading off for a well earned summer break, class teacher Nat Brown gave us her view on which features she had found most useful.

1.) Direct messaging parents

When it was first announced that we’d be using eduly, I asked the head “will that not just mean I’m going to spend lots more time responding to parents messages?”. This absolutely hasn’t been the case. The ability to send direct messages straight to parents, makes my life so much easier. I send messages when it is convenient and parents also respond when it’s convenient for them as well. This means I’m able to deal with a message in the right way, instead of rushing a parent after school. The messages I do get from parents are dealt with much quicker than if the same parent came to school to talk directly which really helps me out. In terms of what messages I send, I’ve been sending reminders home, posting additional notes about homework and responding to parents concerns or questions and it’s only taken around 5 minutes a day to manage.

2.) Posting whole class updates

Updating doesn’t just have to be for an individual child. I tend to do a whole class update every day, so all the parents see something that is going on in class, which I’ve had a lot of positive responses to. This means I can stay focused on teaching the class and doing 3–4 really high quality posts on individual children each day. All of these updates count as an observation and really help when bringing together end of term reports.

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3.) Likes and comments

As a teacher, I don’t often get lots of praise for the amount of time and effort I put into my job. Recognition comes from the children enjoying every day and developing through their learning in school. But the likes and comments give a different dimension to the recognition we receive. I’ve had lots of positive comments about the tasks we have set the children and thanks directly from parents which makes my job even more rewarding!

4.) End of year report

The eduly grading card has been brilliant to work with and I’ve found the end of year reports so simple to do this year because of the easy-to-use format.

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Grading cards make end of year reporting easier than ever for teachers

Then sending the reports out has been seamless. No paper, no chasing parents to pick the reports up — the report is sent out straight through the app as soon as it’s been completed and approved by management.

5.) Multi device access to the app

Obviously the app can be accessed on my mobile, but also on my classroom tablet and desktop. This is really convenient as I can take photos and update as I’m on the move around the classroom, post on my tablet when I am sat down at a desk at the end of the day or even log on via desktop when I am at home finishing my admin. I’ve even given my tablet to my teaching assistant, asked her to take photos, then I have uploaded on a different device later on in the day.

We’re delighted Nat has found eduly so useful in the first half term and look forward to hearing more from her as eduly is rolled out across the whole school in September.


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