Sam’s the dad who wants to tell you all about eduly

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Aug 7, 2018 · 3 min read

So, Sam, what’s your role in the eduly business?

I’m CMO, which means I’m the guy tasked with marketing eduly. The most important part of what I do is making sure teachers, parents, heads, nursery managers and anyone else that comes into contact with eduly, knows what the app is all about and the mission that we are on.

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I know as a parent I’d be better engaged in my kids’ education if my daughter’s nursery and son’s school adopted eduly, so I need to make sure we spread the eduly message far and wide!

As a marketing professional you must see lots of businesses, what inspired you to join eduly?

As a father of two children under six, I’ve come into contact with several online journals and classroom apps. I’ve been hugely underwhelmed and frustrated by various aspects of these, so much so that I now rarely login in to see the content posted. Added to that, I’ve been perplexed by the fact that schools still need to send letters and emails home to keep parents informed. It’s clear to me there is so much potential for improvement still and I want to help schools take advantage of market leading mobile technology that has many great benefits for teachers, parents and schools as a whole.

Why is it important that schools know about eduly?

School budgets are shrinking and parents’ lives are becoming evermore pressured and busy. So at eduly we are committed to providing the core functionality of eduly free of charge for nurseries and schools across the UK so they are able to connect with parents in a way that means it’s easier for parents to monitor and contribute to their child’s development. It’s really exciting to be able to offer the best technology in the sector completely free of charge.

Is parental engagement really that important?

In an age where smartphone use in the UK is over 85% of the adult population, its counter intuitive to expect effective communication with parents by sending them letters, emails, leaving posts on boards and expecting them to go and check a school blog. Parents only have meaningful access to teachers a couple of times a year, building a relationship takes more than that. We have to make it as informative as possible but also as easy as possible and there is nothing easier than having communications direct to a parent’s phone.

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Our own research told us that the vast majority (94%) of parents said they would talk to their children about lessons if they knew what they did at school. This shows parents want to play a part and support schools but without knowing what their children are doing parents, schools and children all suffer. This really needn’t be the case anymore. We are excited to see the impact of this generation of parents now helping and what that will mean for children’s progress.

What can you tell us about your plans for the new school year?

As we approach September and on-board our latest tranche of schools, we’ve plans to engage with the educators across the UK to raise awareness of the mission we are on at eduly and ensure every school and nursery in the UK is aware that they have access to the best technology in the sector for free. But further to that, we believe our mission is so important we’ll be taking our message to Westminster and Ofsted to ensure the two institutions that oversee education in the UK understand the importance and potential of mobile technology in the classroom and why it should now be a parent’s right to have access.

Keep reading this blog and follow our social channels to see how we progress in realising our mission of revolutionising the way parents and teachers come together to improve the education of children. If you happen to be passionate about our mission too, then please like, comment and share our content. Everyone matters!


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