Guest Post via @wmjackson: 21 Reasons Your Content Should Be Great After FlBlogCon

Sep 29, 2018 · 4 min read

21 Reasons Your Content Should Be Great After FlBlogCon William Jackson #MyQuestToTeach

FlBlogCon Education Speaker 2014

Being great on social media is not a thing of chance, it is the ability to be comfortable in your digital life as a content creator, digital innovator, thought leader, graphic artist, or even a web developer.

It means that it is ok to have fun on the web and to integrate yourself into your product even on a digital level. Too many people lose the excitement of creating content that will be read, viewed, studied, listened to and watched. Your audience changes as access and platforms change, so why not be flexible, adaptable, and fun.

Providing something that brings people to you so you can teach, preach, inspire, encourage, and engage. It takes work to create great content, so the value comes in the quality not the quantity of your content. In my over 10 years as a blogger, I try to meet the needs of my readers, not just my need to write.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not just the ticket to get exposure and followers. To get more views or likes, WOM or Word of Mouth is still important and should always be a viable strategy to build your Brand. Search Engine Optimization is computer-based, technology cannot always build relationships. Building relationships is the key to building and developing a consistent following.

There is a great deal of work, blood, sweat, and I’m sure even tears that go into making this conference one of the best conferences and experiences a person can have. The energy is phenomenal and the access to talented, creative and innovative people is not by chance. Bess Auer and her team have strategically planned, mapped and coordinated this conference to meet the needs of about 500 if not more attendees. The speakers are not just nationally known they are internationally known and respected.

Attending FlBlogCon is not just a moment of a day, it is a movement of technological empowerment, engagement, and collaboration that will inspire, excite, motivate and help embrace digital tools that are current and futuristic. There will be many opportunities to learn how to apply and integrate immediately the use of tools, platforms, ideas, and concepts that build digital innovation in multiple ways from business, education, the arts, science and even in the areas of STEAM and STREAM.

As a FlBlogCon attendant since 2013 here are my “21 Reasons Your Content Should Be Great after Attending FlBlogCon.”

  1. FlBlogCon allows you to attract diverse readers and viewers. Embracing diversity is a plus because people connect with what they relate to, fills their needs and is relevant.
  2. Most viewers will be women because women are the fastest growing demographic building online businesses. This means women of all colors, cultures, ages and generational backgrounds are potential thought and digital leaders.
  3. If you want a broad spectrum of followers visual appeal is very important. Make sure you integrate dynamic colors, coordination, and attractiveness.
  4. International markets look to promote content that makes a connection. FlBlogCon has international appeal and influence in national and international views.
  5. If you’re looking to monetize your content expand your Brand to new markets that provide unique services.
  6. One person cannot do it all so be ready to hire people with dynamic skills.
  7. Use video, Instagram, and Twitter to share and expand your reach. Don’t be afraid to experiment with photos, video and text content.
  8. Submit to speak at FlBlogCon and attend Meetups, workshops, seminars and other venues. WordCamps, Bar Camps, EdCamps (for educators) and other tech conferences allow for dynamic networking.
  9. Always have business cards available, make sure there is a current photo of yourself and have your “elevator pitch” ready.
  10. Hire a graphic artist to create your logo. People are visual use that to your advantage. Don’t be cheap on magnifying your image.
  11. Be a sponsor and promoter of FlBlogCon. Share the conference on your Social Media platforms and use your tools to show what you are learning and importantly how to apply that knowledge.
  12. Join the Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, get out and get involved in the community you serve.
  13. Be a speaker on talk shows and podcasts to share your knowledge. Give back to the same community you market to, don’t always take.
  14. Start your own podcast with guests.
  15. See where you can help your church or ministry with their connectivity and content.
  16. Take a social media class yourself and build your knowledge.
  17. Offer social media classes with certificates when completed.
  18. Keep your profiles current, relevant, and diverse. Who are you associated with, who are you photographed with and who is in a business that can help you grow?
  19. Encourage, inspire, and meet new people.
  20. Embrace diversity in your company and your associations.
  21. Network — Network — Network

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