How to Make Remote Working Work for You

Dan Grey
Oct 17, 2018 · 3 min read

Due to the continuing development of technology, it is increasingly common for businesses to hire employees to work on a remote basis. No daily commute, no boring offices, no annoying co-workers? You would be forgiven for thinking you’ve hit the jackpot.

But, while there are many benefits to working remotely, and the freedom it offers, you will also face myriad problems. At Eduprise, we’ve put together a guide for the modern remote worker.

Find the Right Workplace for You

In the majority of remote roles, employers do not place restrictions on where you can work. In fact, the more savvy employers will actively encourage you to work in different places to try and find your environment of optimum productivity.

If it is your first time working remotely, this can be daunting. However, this lack of an operational home is a great opportunity for you to explore new locations, tour the local coffee shops, or put to use the library card that has been gathering dust on your shelf. The more time you spend in different locations, the faster you will discover where your most productive work environment is and soon, you will feel right at home working remotely.

Dealing with Distractions

Office working is filled with distractions, like the perpetual noise of phones ringing, other people talking, and the printer whirring away in the background. Although you will not have to worry about these interruptions when working remotely, you will experience others. However, there is one key difference — you can do something about it.

The lure of your mobile phone can be a constant distraction, but it can so easily be put to one side until you have a break or go for lunch. In public spaces, you are likely to encounter loud and annoying people, but playing music through your headphones can drown them out immediately. If your work environment is intruded, or the noise levels begin to increase, pack up and take a trip to a more peaceful space.

Communication is Key

The individualistic nature of remote working can become lonely, and not having direct contact with your colleagues and superiors may leave you feeling directionless. These are just two of the reasons why communication is crucial.

There are so many programs available to maintain communication as you work away from the office, such as instant messaging clients and video conferencing platforms. Try to utilise these tools as effectively as possible: arranging meetings to discuss projects, bouncing ideas off your colleagues, scheduling monthly catch-ups and reviews with your manager. By maintaining contact, you will continue to understand your direction while also still feeling like you’re part of a team.

Keep Your Goals in Mind

One of the motivations behind employers hiring remote staff is that they work more productively in an environment of their choosing. Therefore, as a remote worker, you should be focused on maximising your productivity. Think about the ways in which you work differently to how you would in an office, and ask yourself where the improvements lie.

Following similar processes to those implemented in an office is a good place to start, as well as creating a schedule that develops an efficient routine. It is also a good idea to set yourself goals and objectives to guide your working hours. At the start of every month, identify what you want to achieve, then take steps each week toward reaching the goal.

Build Your Own Work Infrastructure

Every step you take to make remote working a success for you is part of a wider infrastructure. When built correctly, the infrastructure will maximise productivity, encourage concentration, facilitate achievement, and help you become an excellent remote worker.

Implementing a comprehensive, flexible, and scalable structure is exactly what Eduprise does for multi-academy trusts. We have developed an innovative framework that enables continued productivity and functionality even as MATs grow and onboard new schools. With this in place, MATs rest safe in the knowledge that their communications and marketing materials are being professionally written and distributed in the right channels at all times.


We help multi-academy trusts grow and excel through the power of communication and scalable infrastructure.


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We help multi-academy trusts grow and excel through the power of communication and scalable infrastructure.