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We have had a busy few months here at Edurio and we’d like to catch everyone up on what’s going on starting with the most obvious announcement: Edurio is now on Medium.


The ultimate goal of edurio is to help people get valuable insight from complicated data. We want leaders in education to have a deep understanding of all of the many factors that contribute to the quality of education, and in order to do that they need a more efficient tool that takes into account more than just grades. With that kind of insight into student experience, school safety, teacher needs and more, better decisions can be made to benefit everyone. Knowledge is power, right? We want to empower educators with knowledge — not just complicated, unorganised data.

We value insight and want to use this publication as a platform to share our insight. Insight that comes from the data we collect with edurio, insight from our team’s experience in education (or analytics, software development, design, etc.) and insight from our users.

Edurio updates

For those of you that don’t know us yet, we’ve created a web platform for school systems, school leaders and teachers to more easily get the valuable (but often hidden) insights from student, family and teacher feedback with the ultimate goal of taking meaningful action and having a positive impact on the quality of education.

We worked with over 200 schools last year and launched our free survey tool for teachers last spring. Thank you to everyone who gave us a try and provided us with a lot of great feedback that has resulted in a better version today. We had a whirlwind summer after exciting news from the European Commission that we’d be receiving their Horizon 2020 grant. Armed with the funding we needed and your useful feedback, we have grown to a diverse team of 20 and we’re laying the groundwork to deliver the product that educators are asking for on a larger scale.

This week we’ve launched a new version of edurio with a lot of behind the scenes updates that will improve the overall quality of the platform, improved design and user experience and more flexibility in making your own surveys and questions.

Already using Edurio? Let us know what you think — give the new version a test drive today. New to Edurio? Sign up and get started in just a few minutes.

New partners and projects around the world

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing news of the many exciting projects we are kicking off in 2017 that will give us insight into how students are learning, the impact of different methods and resources, what actually defines a quality education and the future of Edurio analytics.


Last but not least, our website has finally gotten its long-awaited makeover. If you want to learn more about us, we recommend you head there next: www.edurio.com.

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