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The Gentle Revolution School

Enter a magical program unlike any you’ve been to before.

We All Are Leaders.

A leader is everyone who helps! Even saying ‘yes’, or ‘no’, to an order is a moment of leadership. And when you do that consciously of the impact of your choice on others and the world I welcome you to the movement. This movement has no official name, though I call it Gentle Revolution, Paul Hawken calls it the Blessed Unrest and Charles Eisenstein ‘those working for the better world our hearts know is possible.’

Do You feel Invited?

Join this week if you enjoy my blogs, if you are an activist seeking to enlarge his/her scope, connect dots to other fields, if you are an educator seeking to be more 21st century, if you are a Teal or systems thinker, but don’t know how to put it into practice. Come if you are young and wish to create your own path and seek the courage to do so. Come if you feel wasted in your current job and feel a burn out coming. Come when you feel empowered, yet don’t know how to get others along. Come if you’re curious and willing. Come if you want to learn how to better deal with chaos, if you want to be a swarm leader, a visionary, become more creative. Come when you are very spiritual yet don’t know how to put it into practice. Come when you are a teacher or facilitator ready for the master level. Come because a voice within says you have to, but your head doesn’t understand why. Come.

How to prepare and grow the Gentle Revolution?

Come join the Gentle Revolution School and deepen your sensing of groups, of possibility, of leadership, of the connection between body, mind and world. It’ll be an exiting 4 day ride, full of Floris best exercises, out of the box approaches, and an integral approach to learning and wisdom seeking. Also the collective wisdom of the participants will be spoken to. They’ll be invited to contribute and share their learnings.

5 LEVELS OF LEARNING: What we’ll address.

Here’s five levels of developing yourself as a professional and human being in this world. Join us if you one to develop one or more of the following aspects.
1. Develop your facilitation skills in hosting workshops and leadership. You’ll become more intuitive in it.
2. Meet others like you on the path, and learn from and with them. You’ll expand your network.
3. Develop a deeper understanding of (y)our role and purpose in the world. Find you can have an overview through the body.
4. Develop your conscious gifts and impact for/on others. Experience the difference between action and impact.
5. Add (more) creativity and playfulness to your approach. Learn to design exercises or express poetry, music on the spot.
Basically at the end: you’ll feel more alive, full of possibilities and love, and feel ready to live it.

Floris Koot

Floris is a long term independent creative, facilitator and play engineer. He has been part of many groups inciting some sort of change. He (co-)invented new schools (the surviving one is Knowmads), games, a sport, piano lesson method, theatre methods, training methods. He loves group facilitation and experience with that in many different settings, from business kick off’s, all kinds of trainings to festival rituals. His tone of work is sharp and compassionate, playful yet deep. He loves to turn his processes into a shared investigation or journey.

What is needed for a human to really blossom and fly in a healthy world?



We collaborate with pioneers and changemakers of education. We discover and apply new forms of learning and living. Shift with us!

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Floris Koot

Play Engineer. Social Inventor. Gentle Revolutionary. I always seek new possibilities and increase of love, wisdom and play in the world.