Save up to 90% of all Academic software on OnTheHub

Edvicon International members are now eligible for discounts up to 90% of all academic software offered through OnTheHub. Some of them are completely FREE for educational purposes.

About OnTheHub

OnTheHub is dedicated to removing the barriers to education by providing students and faculty with free and discounted software from the world’s leading publishers. By offering products at greatly reduced prices, we’re helping to equip students with the tools they need to succeed.

We’ve partnered with major publishers including Microsoft, Adobe, IBM, Symantec, and many more to offer exclusive discounts for schools around the world. With OnTheHub, students and educators save up to 90% on academic software, and can even get products for free!

To see products available to you, search for your school or departmental WebStore through our school finder and start saving!

OnTheHub Benefits

Providing the best discounts to students and faculty is our top priority. Our partnerships with leading software publishers ensure you get the lowest prices on academic software worldwide.

You can count on us to keep your personal information and data secure. OnTheHub is compliant with all ISO standards, providing safe and legal software distribution.

We care about the future of students. That’s why our software discounts, awesome contests, and helpful blog posts are all focused on providing the resources needed for student success.

How to Register?

  • Go to
  • In the College finding section, select the followings:
    - Country: Sri Lanka
    - School: Edvicon International College
  • Click on the button enabled or link given as OnTheHub eStore.
  • Register with Edvicon International provided email address.
  • That’s all. You can now buy academic software up to 90% discount.

You don’t have the email domain yet?

Do not worry, if you’re an Edvicon International member, you can still get an alias for your domain. You have to send a request via Edvicon Workplace to assign you with a email alias.

Hi Admin,
Edvicon email:
Please provide me email alias for OnTheHub registration.
Thank you.

  • Once admins of the group create your email alias, you will be notified via the same post as a comment.

Nothing special!

You can still read incoming emails from your email account (Microsoft 365).

This means you can receive emails for OR and check them from the same email account.

You have to use for OnTheHub registration.



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