Week 3

Both the message and the service team worked on systematizing information gathered during the first two weeks and got to the first visualised results. Reelika Konist, a text creator, joined the Estonian Design Team as the first woman on the team.

Brand strategy workshops with Jaanus Tamme.
We got the printer installed.
Deciding on typeface principles with Anton Koovit.
Service team meetings.
August 19. An overview of the first 3 work weeks was presented to Hanno Tomberg.

Important meetings

  • August 15. Siim Sikkut (Government Office), Taavi Kotka (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications). Estonia as the only functional e-State. Our position, problems and next steps.
  • August 17. Callisto communication agency.
  • August 18. The Government Office team of Estonia’s Presidency of the Council of EU.
  • August 18. Sven Ivanov (Estonian Spirit).
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