Weeks 1 & 2

The first two work weeks of the Estonian Design Team were filled with meetings, interviews, brainstorming and mapping. As Kevin wrote in his profile story, visualisation of the solutions is only a small part of the entire design process, as preparations often make up the bulk of the process.

July 29. The Estonian Design Team get acquainted with their new rooms at the Telliskivi Creative City.
August 3. Kick-off meeting of the Estonian Design Team. Handing out the first assignments and setting the first deadlines.
August 12. Estonian Design Team meets various EAS departments, exchange of ideas with Peter Kentie (Eindhoven365). (Photos: Erlend Staub)

Important meetings

  • July 28. Delegation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland We talked about their experiences with introducing their country and the roles of different agencies. We introduced the structure of EAS, our goals and the idea of EDT.
  • August 4. Kristjan Lepik (Teleport), Margus Mägi (Government Office).Focused on Estonian advantages over other countries and discussed how Estonia could introduce itself during the EU Presidency.
  • August 8. Andres Vosman (former security adviser to the President of the Republic of Estonia / Ministry of Defence). Messages that the President has used in introducing Estonia, what does the rest of the world see as Estonian advantages, what kind of opportunities and dangers await us in the future.
  • August 9. Barbi Pilvre. The risks of overemphasizing technology. You can read more in Barbi’s article on the same topic.
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