Effect.AI — February 2020 Update

Mar 5 · 3 min read

Every act of communication is a miracle of translation.”― Ken Liu


  • The Rosette Affiliate program is Live + new website!
  • AI & Blockchain center opening
  • AMA recap
  • What is coming up ⇾ March

Dear community,

This month has been productive, with the AI & Blockchain finally opening and the release of the new Rosette offering and its tightly connected Referral Program. This newsletter will give an overview of what’s been done and what to expect going forward.

Rosette Affiliate program Live + new website

Have you seen the new Rosette.AI website? We optimized the website with new payment methods, new on-boarding features, and new languages.

The Rosette Affiliate program is now LIVE! Rosette is a brand-new professional multilingual subtitle translation service from the Effect.AI team for high-quality YouTube subtitles, to reach a global audience with your video content.

Want to join the Rosette Affiliate program and start earning crypto and prizes? Join the over 100 current members here:


Also check out this great review of Rosette produced by MaxDapp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mG7UrLyvZrQ

Effect AI & Blockchain Center Opening

We are so excited to announce that the Effect AI & Blockchain Center in Rustavi, Georgia is now open! Our Dutch and Georgian team have worked hard to launch this very first Effect Center and had a great start with some European translation assignments. The official grand opening of the Effect.AI center in Rustavi, Georgia will be held Saturday, May 16th. For all our Effect.AI members & clients, you are more than welcome to celebrate this milestone with us in Rustavi, Georgia. Please email support@effect.ai if you plan on being in Georgia and want to be part of this memorable event!

Monthly AMA February 2020

Did you already see our new AMA video on YouTube? Chris answers all the pressing questions our community submitted. See you at our next AMA on Thursday the 26th of March!

Top 3 AMA questions February

Here’s an overview of the 3 most interesting questions in the AMA that were answered:

  1. Why can we not see Rosette orders on the blockchain?
  2. What are the requirements to be on the Council?
  3. Chris, what is a typical work day like for you?

Thanks for all your input!

What is coming up ⇾ March

Here’s a recap of some topics that will be addressed in March:

  • Detailed Token Map. This was a recurring request in the community — to publish a complete overview of the state of the EFX token distribution.
  • Specification of the NFX Voting protocol. The first step to decentralized governance will be the TEN proposals and NFX voting system. A detailed blog post and testnet implementation can be expected in March.
  • Release of our new Subtitle Editor. Increased quality and throughput of video content requires more refined tools for working with Natural Language data. This includes an improved and open source subtitle editor.
  • New Effect Translate website. To clearly communicate the value proposition of the NLP services on the Effect Network.

Thanks for reading!

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Effect.AI is an Amsterdam based company that is working on a blockchain-powered, decentralized platform for Artificial Intelligence development and AI related services.

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