Effect.AI — Newsletter January 2020

Jan 31, 2020 · 5 min read

Dear Community,

2020 is shaping up to be a big year for Effect.AI, as we’re embarking on ambitious plans for our network of Artificial Intelligence. This first month has been productive, and will provide a solid foundation for our services in translation and subtitling. As bringing more tasks to Effect Force is a main objective, we’re pleased that 33,499 tasks were completed in January by our community members. They also translated and transcribed 39 videos on Rosette.

In this newsletter we’ll first take you through the recent changes to Rosette, and talk about the improvements to the translation workflow. Then we’ll dive into the upcoming referral campaign and show you how to get prepared. We’ll recap the monthly AMA that was recorded last Thursday and, most importantly, look ahead at the next steps!

Rosette Progress

Our translation engine is up and running, and we’ve overhauled the subtitle and transcription process to make tasks better for our translators. Visual changes were introduced to the transcription and translation tools, and you will soon see a full end-to-end redesign of the backend of Rosette. To improve the customer experience for orders, checkout and overall experience we will also be releasing a fully redesigned frontend (website).

Translators are an integral part of Rosette. We’re continually making improvements to balance the needs of a diverse workforce and are incorporating cutting-edge technology during this process. To guarantee high transcript quality, we have also updated our proofreading and grading systems.

These system and process updates will ensure that Rosette can grow as required in the coming months.

Preparing for the Rosette Referral Program

The Rosette journey was always meant to be guided by a community driven Referral & Affiliate Program to promote the Rosette services to the world. As the setup and organization of the program is being finalized, it’s time to prepare yourself and get a head start. In the next 2 to 3 weeks we will be releasing the Rosette Affiliate Program to the entire universe. In the next few days, Effect.AI community members will be given a head start on the registration processes to get a sneak peak on how the program works and how to create your riches from it!

What’s important to know about the program, is that it’s a multi-tier affiliate system. This means that when you onboard new affiliates you’ll always receive rewards for the efforts of people you introduce to the program. That’s right: you’ll receive part of their rewards forever. This provides a huge benefit for early adopters and promoters of the program. No no no, it’s not a silly pyramid scheme… It’s based on the margins of the Rosette service being distributed amongst the promoters (Affiliates). It is how most online Affiliate programs work. All the information, terms and conditions will be available very soon!

At the core of the affiliate program is identifying YouTube channels that could benefit from subtitles.

3 steps to get prepared:

  1. Make a list of YouTubers you are sure could benefit from Rosette multilingual subtitles or the translations of their YouTube video title & Description

Top 3 AMA questions January

Back in December we committed to having a monthly AMA, and today Friday January 31st we were pleased to release our first video AMA of the year! On the last Thursday or Friday of every month of 2020, Chris, Laurens and Jesse will answer questions submitted by the community. We want to thank all the people who submitted these questions for this January AMA and we hope you enjoy this AMA video format.

Check out the AMA below! Many thanks for the great support and interest, see you at the next AMA February 27th/28th!

And the 3 top Questions for this first monthly AMA are………..

  1. With current funding (runway), how long can the team keep the development of the project going?
    by: Marc

CONGRATULATIONS! You have all won a swag package from us! Please contact us with your details.

What is coming up ⇾ February

Here’s an overview of what to expect in February.

  • Rosette: Referral & Affiliate Program. The referral sign ups will start in the beginning of February. An extensive update and blog post will be released along with instructions on how to register.

What is coming up ⇾ March

Looking ahead, these are some important topics that will be addressed in March:

  • Detailed Token Map. This was a recurring request in the community — so the Effect.AI team will publish a complete overview of the state of the EFX token distribution.

Thanks for reading!

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