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Effect.AI Partners With Ivan On Tech Academy

In our enduring efforts to further enrich blockchain and AI learning opportunities in our Effect AI & Blockchain Centers, we’ve partnered with Ivan On Tech Academy. Members at our centers will be able to access and learn from the Academy’s course offerings composed of world-leading industry experts. These courses cover blockchain, cryptography, programming, and much, much more.

Ivan On Tech Academy was founded by Ivan Liljeqvist and Filip Martinsson with the goal of empowering people all over the world by educating them about blockchain and programming. Our shared vision of providing accelerated learning, mentorship, and the necessary up-to-date skills and making these accessible to anyone all over the world is further strengthened by this partnership, and we could not be more excited about this announcement and joint endeavor.

If you’re not up to speed about our developments with our Effect AI & Blockchain Centers, here’s a brief history lesson:

We launched our first center in January of this year in Rustavi, Georgia in collaboration with the United Nations and the Rustavi Innovation Hub. A space was granted to the initiative by the Mayor of Rustavi in the newly renovated historic Rustaveli National Theater. Creating safe work environments for Effect Force workers to learn, grow, and develop skills within a physical location has been one of the most important parts of Effect.AI’s vision since the start of the project. These centers work to bridge the digital divide by giving young people access to tech education, meaningful work with AI systems, and mentorship by top professionals in the technology sector.

“There is a marked gap in gainful employment, technological education, and opportunities between those with easy access to blockchain technology and AI systems and those with little or no such access in developing nations. Ending this disparity is required to enable people all over the world to find and sustain employment, receive education, and access opportunities so they can equally participate in today’s tech-forward world.”

-Chris Dawe, CEO, and Co-founder of Effect.AI

Another partnership we announced earlier this year in July was the joint venture between Effect.AI and Akon’s Akoin Foundation to open similar centers like our Rustavi A.I.B.C in Kenya, Senegal, and Ghana. These centers will be branded as Akon-Effect Opportunity Hubs, with the Kenyan location opening in Q4 2020, with Senegal and Ghana slated to open in 2021.

These Akon-Effect Opportunity Hubs have the goal to empower Africa’s youth and entrepreneurs with knowledge, mentorship, and opportunities to work with cutting edge technologies. Members of these opportunity hubs will also access online work that is paid in the cryptocurrency EFX on Effect.AI’s blockchain platform as well as gather cutting edge business and technical skills to inspire a generation of change-makers and ignite the blockchain and crypto revolution in Africa. And of course, Akon-Effect Opportunity Hubs will also have access to the amazing blockchain/crypto education programs being rolled out in partnership with Ivan on Tech Academy.

At Effect.AI we believe in developing and implementing technologies that disrupt the current monopoly controlling access to technology and digital inclusion. We believe in the circular distribution of these powerful assets and aim to develop tech for good — technology that supports TRANSPARENCY, EQUALITY, and OPPORTUNITY for people and organizations around the world. By partnering with Ivan On Tech, our mission is further strengthened in closing the gap on the digital divide.

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