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JOIN the EffectDAO: New Effect Dashboard Walkthrough

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A new chapter of The Effect Network is now upon us.

As of today, November 16, 2020, you can register for the EffectDAO via the new and improved Effect Dashboard. Let’s take a quick look at the new look and features. At the end of this blog post, you can find the EffectDAO Guardian staking requirements of each level (Rank).

To access the Effect Dashboard simply visit https://dashboard.effect.ai/ or access it through your favorite EOS mobile wallet.

The home page will look like this if you are not yet logged in. Click on Connect Wallet to… Connect your wallet ;)

You will be prompted to choose your login preference. You can currently connect to Effect Dashboard with Anchor, Scatter, Lynx, or TokenPocket. You can also use your Ledger through Anchor or Scatter.

Once logged in you will see your primary account balances and profile.

At the top, you’ll see the menu bar. Note: To join the EffectDAO as a member you need to have staked the minimum requirement of 500 EFX and then sign the EffectDAO Constitution. So let’s go 1-by-1 with the menu starting with Stake.

On the Stake page, you can stake or unstake both EFX and NFX at any time. The unstake timeline for EFX will remain at 5 days and the unstking of NFX will be 15 days. Remember: With EFX you have Stake AGE, a component that gives additional weight to your holdings over time called EFX Power. NFX does not currently have Stake AGE and this is the reason for a longer unstake duration.

On the Stake page, you can see and track your Stake AGE. Stake AGE was limited to 200 days before the EffectDAO and has now been increased to 1000 days. 1000 days of Stake AGE on your EFX gives you a multiplier of 6 times the weight of EFX. That weighted EFX “EFX Power” can also be tracked on this page.

Next on the menu bar is Vote which is set to be released on November 30th, 2020. After that we have DAO. On the DAO page, you will find several features to track your progress and others within the EffectDAO. However, to gain the full experience you must sign the Constitution.

Note: a minimum stake of 500 EFX is required to become a Member of the DAO. To become a Guardian, requirements and their associated rank are located in a table at the end of this blog.

When you press the “Become a member” you will arrive at the EffectDAO Constitution. Read it thoroughly to learn all the terms and conditions of being a member as well as the inner workings of the DAO, it’s ranking, and how it correlates with The Effect Network. When you click on “Sign Constitution” your EffectDAO membership is recorded on the Blockchain to make a timestamp and proof of registration.

Now the DAO page will show your Rank, how much you have staked and the amount needed to get the next Rank. Below your DAO Rank details, you will see all the other Members and Guardians of the EffectDAO listed below.

Lastly, there is a tab called “Token Map” which will be released by December 19th of this year. There will also be another tab in the menu bar released between now and the end of the year… Totally top secret :)

Now let’s look at the different rankings of Guardians and how to Rank-Up. Each rank will unlock special features and responsibilities when reached. Each Guardian Rank requires a certain amount of EFX and NFX to be activated.

If you have any questions or comments on this or any release from the Effect.AI team please get in touch via our community channels listed below.

If you are interested in buying EFX please go to KUCOIN cryptocurrency exchange.

Thanks for reading!

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