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The EffectDAO: Roadmap

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Chapter #7

Today the very first stage of the Effect DAO has been initiated and is now live. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will add all the elements that make up Phase 0. Once all stages are complete and thoroughly tested we will swiftly move to Phase 1. There will be vigorous testing between each stage of Phase 0 to ensure all technical features perform and act as intended. In crypto and blockchain, you can never be too safe. In this chapter, we will explore what will be delivered in each stage of Phase 0 and the proposed dates on which these features will go live. Once all stages are complete and thoroughly tested we will swiftly move to Phase 1.

We are confident and optimistic that there will not be interruptions between each stage but testing must be thorough. If all is delivered on time and without issue we will go live with Phase 1 of the EffectDAO by the end of this year. And of course, we have our end of year Effect conference to announce many details of Phase 1 but also a few secret things we at Effect.AI have been working on. 2020 will be a year to remember for the project for all the right reasons.

Let’s show where we are today and where we are going with the Phase 0 to Phase 1 EffectDAO roadmap.

October 31, 23:59:59 UTC

NFX production ends

At the final moment of October 31, 2020, the first stages of the EffectDAO are initiated. A core feature of the past 12 months was the production of the EffectDAO governance token NFX.

StakeAGE increases from 200 days to 1000 days

StakeAGE is now going to be more important than before as it is the active reward to level up in the DAO. Leveling up will unlock a higher percentage of the overall network and give you special rewards, early access to updates, and abilities to earn more in proposals.

November 16

Effect Dashboard 2.0 rebranded

November 16 we will launch various applications of the EffectDAO. All of which live within the Effect Dashboard. For this reason, we have decided to launch a completely rebranded version of Effect Dashboard. Expect a much better user experience along with several new features to track your earnings and easily participate in the DAO. You will now be able to see your StakeAGE, EFX Power, and rewards growing in real-time… No more claiming to update your StakeAGE!

Effect Staking Protocol 2.0 Live

Effect Staking Protocol 2.0 is the gateway to becoming a member of the EffectDAO. The staking of NFX and EFX with the combination of Stake AGE will act as the TriForce and determine your rank and power within the EffectDAO. On this date, you will be able to interact with the Effect Staking Protocol 2.0. For information on how the protocol along with the stake will work please reference this blog. You do not need to do anything in preparation for this but once open there will be a couple of simple steps to become a member or Guardian of the DAO.

EffectDAO Constitution 1.0 Live

The general rules and code of ethics of becoming part of the DAO will go live on the EOS mainnet. Signing the constitution as one of the steps to becoming a member of the DAO. The purpose of the Constitution is to be clear to all who intend to join, on the morals, ethics, responsibilities, and mission of the DAO.

EffectDAO Genesis Guardian Registration Live

Genesis Guardians are those who register as a member of the EffectDAO within the first 30 days of the release of the Effect Staking Protocol 2.0. Genesis Guardians will get access to very special features, promotions, and gifts for as long as they are part of the Network. On December 19th we will show our gratitude to these members with something very special.

November 30

EffectDAO Proposal System Live

This is the stage where the EffectDAO will show its mighty force. The release of the Effect Proposal System will allow for all DAO members to propose basically anything that they think will add value and that they feel they can achieve. All is truly possible from this point. You can make proposals on subjects such as technical features, design work, tutorials, ad campaigns, social experiments, dApp competitions, and whatever you feel can make The Effect Network better. We already have attracted several individuals and teams that have reached out and have written pre-proposals to get ready for the launch of this technical feature. Some very talented people are already building stuff to show why you should vote for their upcoming proposals.

EffectDAO forum page Live

With our research and expanding network in the DAO ecosystem, we have found some incredible people and also some amazing platforms. An EffectDAO discussion forum will go live so people can discuss a variety of topics relating to the project and the DAO. Discuss topics like proposals, meetups, Effect Force, or find like-minded members to work together with.

December 19

Meet the High Guards

This is a very special day. Amongst many topics that will be announced and showcased in the Effect.AI year-end meetup is the introduction of the High Guards of the EffectDAO. These are some people that have played a vital role in what Effect.AI and The Effect Network has become today. Effect Force workers, core community members, DAO experts, and old friends whom without their guidance we would never have been able to even get this project off the ground. You will meet each one of the High Guards with a message of how they are connected to the project and where they will add the most value to the network.

Voting Portal Live

Voting to this stage will be a manual process. But on this day, all Guardians will be able to cast their votes on work and network proposals right on EOS mainnet to live forever in history on the Blockchain. This is one of a few technical features to be released on this day to complete Phase 0. In the completion of Phase 0, we will test all systems for the rest of the year. If all systems are a go we will launch Phase 1 of the EffectDAO on January 1st, 2021. Phase 1 will include a new revolutionary feature that will add incredible volume to the rewards that Guardians will receive moving forward. We hope to give the full details of this feature on December 19th along with many other updates.

First Fee Distribution

All the fees that the Effect Network has accumulated over the years will be distributed to the EffectDAO Guardians. In Phase 1 we will add a feature to have real-time rewards as the system collects fees.

There will be several other deployments for the EffectDAO leading into the end of the year. The objective of a DAO is to expand an organization to allow all global citizens to join. There are almost no limits to growth and potential with building out a DAO as long as the alignments, incentives, and vision remain at the forefront of the mission. The Effect Network initiative and project is steeped in social impact and responsibility to make the world a better place. As is the foundation of the technology the network is built upon, Blockchain.

December 19 is the year-end Effect.AI meetup/presentation. Due to Corona, there will most likely be limited people legally allowed to join us in person but the invite is there either way. We will not turn you away if you are at the door;) Though we will feature the newest elements and future of the EffectDAO, the majority of news and announcements from the December 19th Effect Year-End meetup will catch everyone by surprise.

The first vote starts now and we feel it is a pretty important subject but also fun. We had an internal discussion today about the name of our DAO. We discussed if there should be a space between Effect and DAO or not. Tomorrow we will post a poll on Twitter to have the Effect.AI community shape the future of the DAO. So make sure you vote! Effect DAO or EffectDAO. I (Chris) vote EffectDAO just so you know;)

Have a great weekend.

Thanks for reading!

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