Why You Need Your Career Page Ready Before You Do Press Release

You and your team are excited with the new round of funding and you are ready to announce the funding to acquire more clients/customers. You want to supercharge your growth and capture the market. Maybe you also redesigned your website for the same. Added more sections to attract clients and investors.

Your competitor in the market is thinking the same, but they worked on one more thing to take leverage from their PR i.e. Hiring!

What makes a company great is not only its product and services but its team.

The team makes it possible for companies to build great products and offer best services. But building a great team is itself very difficult exercise. We think you know this better than anyone else how difficult it really is to convince smart people to work with you on idea and mission you believe in. You took out time and you did it personally.

In the initial stage, it’s possible for founders to take out time and hire personally. As the company grows it becomes nearly impossible to hire each candidate personally. In that case attracting smart candidates gets difficult.

In the growth phase, time is of the essence and you cannot pitch each single candidate personally before hiring. To convince potential candidates, you need other resources. One such highly valuable resource is career pages.

Let’s take a scenario

One of the candidates sees your funding PR in the news articles and likes what your company is doing. Heads over to your website and finds all the material related to your product/service. She couldn’t find anything relevant to her own interest, questions that navigate through the mind of candidates while looking at an opportunity like

  • What are you guys working on currently?
  • How different is your culture and what would it be like working with other team members?
  • What are the benefits of working in your company?
  • How could she improve her career graph by joining your company?

Now she is confused and either stays at the job she is currently working or joins someone new/competitor who has answered all her questions correctly.

We don’t like this kind of scenario and I believe you wouldn’t like it either. So instead of relying on your publicity from the press, make information easily accessible for candidates. Best thing, in this case, is to create beautiful career pages to showcase company’s culture, team and opportunities to the potential candidates. Your entire pitch on a single place.

Look at the companies dominating the global scene in their category like AirBnb, Uber, stripe, buffer etc. They have designed and provided information relevant to candidates and answered the most important question from candidates point of view — what it would be like to join them. They even had written about specific projects they are working on in different departments of engineering, marketing, sales, operations etc.

We built Moonpitch considering the frequent updates required to manage career pages and the system required to manage the complete hiring flow from candidate sourcing to job offer. We have professionally designed content to setup your career page as per your uniqueness of your company in minutes.

Add more thoughts and suggestions about how you improved your hiring process.

Originally published at blog.moonpitch.com on October 16, 2015.

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