Efficiency for Access Design Challenge at the Engineering Design Show

By Sean Davy, Project Manager for the Efficiency for Access Design Challenge, Energy Saving Trust

From 12–13 October, the Efficiency for Access Design Challenge team were in Coventry at the Engineering Design Show, exhibiting student prototypes from the 2021–2022 academic year. The Engineering Design Show is the largest event dedicated entirely to engineering, electronics and embedded design, and the only one targeted towards design engineers.

Participants of the Engineering Design Show at Efficiency for Access’ booth

As part of the Efficiency for Access Design Challenge, we offer the opportunity to apply for prototype funds provided to us by the IKEA Foundation. This year, 22 teams applied and received funds to bring their ideas to life. We were very proud of our student designs and wanted to provide the space and opportunity for the students to showcase these designs and round out their prototyping experience.

Eight student teams decided to exhibit their prototypes at the Engineering Design Show. All of the teams were based outside of the UK and were unable to make the trip in person. Instead, they gathered photos and videos of their progress so far which were made into posters for the exhibition booth.

The prototypes exhibited were a great cross section of our Challenge participants, demonstrating a diverse array of appliances and solutions. This variety of ideas and the students’ journeys struck a chord with our visitors — a common thread over the two days at the exhibition was how impressed our visitors were with the ingenuity and drive of the Challenge participants.

To learn more visit our Prototypes page or read the summary of the all the submissions we received this year.



Field stories, research summaries, and solar appliance market trends from Efficiency for Access, a global coalition working to promote affordable, high-performing, and inclusive appliances that enable clean energy access for the world’s poorest people.

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