• If global PHL was a country, it would be the world’s 3rd largest emitter as it leads to 4.4 Gigatons of annual GHG emissions globally.²
Figure 1. Impact of Inficold solution on operational expenses (cost in INR/L)
Figure 2. Milk Collection and Cooling expenses (INR/kg) of milk chilling facility — Pre and Post Inficold installation
Figure 3. Impact of Inficold solution on Carbon Emissions
Figure 4. Factors limiting access, round 3
Figure 5. Financing mechanisms, round 3


¹ 3 Ways to Tackle Food Loss and Waste in Africa




Field stories, research summaries, and off- and weak-grid appliance market trends from Efficiency for Access, a global coalition working to promote high-performing appliances that enable clean energy access for the world’s poorest people.

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Efficiency for Access

Efficiency for Access

A global coalition to accelerate clean energy access through high-performing appliances

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