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Efficient Frontier adds strategic crypto-heavyweights to its backers with a new eight-figure round

ICON, Animoca Brands, Kyber Ventures and Starkware joined Alameda Research and Collider Ventures to back the algorithmic market maker

Efficient Frontier CEO Roei Levav and CTO Alon Elmaliah

“This is a great time to add new partners to our journey,” said Roei Levav, Efficient Frontier’s CEO. “Our partners have an amazing network that opens almost every door in the crypto-world.

We believe those who work fast enough gain the knowledge and the technical ability to secure a significant market share. We felt it was the right moment to ask meaningful partners to take part in our journey, believing in our shared path and ability to make the world of crypto more liquid, and thus more connected”.

“Efficient Frontier has built one of the smartest and brightest teams in the industry when it comes to trading crypto and HFT technology. We are excited to move forward with them in their journey and look forward to seeing their continued growth,” said Brian Lee from Alameda Research.

About Efficient Frontier

Efficient Frontier has been building powerful autonomous trading technology in crypto markets since 2018. EF’s algorithms optimize hundreds of millions of dollars and more than one hundred fifty thousand transactions in daily trading turnover across numerous digital assets and exchanges 24/7/365. With several decades of combined technology, algorithmic trading and research experience, EF helps partners build healthier, liquid markets and deliver higher value for traders and investors. The current funding round will be used to expand the research and development teams to improve the backbone of the company’s systems and support new developments in the field.



With over 12 years of high frequency and algorithmic trading experience, our technology powers weekly over $1 Billion of trade. We’re passionate about digital assets and our mission is to bring professional, trusted technology that adds value to the industry and the markets.

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