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Efficient Frontier Joins the DeFi Alliance

Efficient Frontier is glad to announce the firm has joined the DeFi Alliance, founded last year by trading firms Jump Capital, CMT Digital, Volt Capital and Cumberland

DeFi Alliance accelerator alumni

Efficient Frontier is excited to officially join the DeFi Alliance! The DeFi Alliance works to connect DeFi startups with the knowledge base, network and liquidity of the cryptocurrency industry’s leading market makers and liquidity providers. The long term ambition of the DeFi Alliance is to leverage the combined talents, expertise, experience and resources of its members to bring decentralized finance to one billion users by 2025.

The Alliance comprises an advisory team, a eight week accelerator program whose alumni include many of today’s leading DeFi projects, and a fund which will be investing capital across DeFi and adjacent industries.

“We see DeFi as a major part of the future financial system and it’s great to see very talented people joining forces to move the industry forward,” said Roei Levav, our CEO.

In joining the alliance, we hope to contribute to the DeFi community through our experience in providing liquidity on both CeFi and DeFi markets, especially in futures and perpetual swaps trading.

We are looking forward to connecting to the DeFi community through the DeFi Alliance, providing liquidity and engaging with new startups. By working with new protocols, we want to help them design their liquidity mechanisms with the ultimate goals of revolutionizing the financial industry and decentralizing financial services for the masses. We see this as part of our own company’s vision of making cryptocurrency markets more efficient.

Efficient Frontier is an algo trading firm specialising in the cryptocurrency markets. Founded by veterans algo traders in 2017 our algorithms optimize hundreds of millions of dollars in daily volume across digital assets and exchanges, operating 24/7/365. We help our partners build healthy, liquid markets and deliver high value for traders and investors. Efficient Frontier prides itself on providing the highest quality of service, with the most transparent and responsive service in the industry.




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