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We’ve aggregated the massive torrent of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news of late below, with a market update and a summary of The Economist’s special report on GovCoin and CBDCs

The Economist’s special report on GovCoin and CBDC

The Economist magazine is one of the oldest and most respected financial magazines on the planet, owned by the Agnelli, Rothschild, Cadbury and Schroder families, it is considered by many to represent viewpoints of the European establishment. So what does The Economist think about the future of currency?

  • “[Govcoins] are to be treated with optimism, and humility.”
  • “Central bank digital currency may be even more radical than cryptocurrency”
  • “Small countries fear that, instead of using local money, people might switch to foreign e-currencies, causing chaos at home.”
  • “Your money would be guaranteed by the full faith of the state, not a fallible bank.”

Market wrap

We sent our last newsletter while Bitcoin was still dipping under $50,000, and here it is again. Elon Musk’s latest announcement helped crash Bitcoin’s price by $8,000 in 3 hours on May 13th. But despite the fear induced by the volatility, Bitcoin enjoyed its third month above $43,000.

News & links

  • HotBit exchange halts trading for over a week following cyber attack
  • Japanese gaming firm Nexon has purchased~ $100 million worth of Bitcoin,
  • Latin American e-commerce giant Mercado Kibre buys $7.8 million worth of Bitcoin, Microstrategy buys $15 million more, Palantir starts accepting Bitcoin
  • Going mainstream 1: Dogecoin trends on CNBC, Chair Powell asked about Dogecoin and Gamestop, comedian Bill Maher mocks Bitcoin
  • Going mainstream 2: World’s largest MMA association, UFC, announced $UFC Fan Token, Mark Cuban promotes DogeCoin on The Ellen Show, Head of SEC calls Bitcoin a volatile store of value
  • Bad miner: US Bitcoin miner mines AML censored block
  • US gasoline pipeline shut down in ransomware attack. Bitcoin mixer operator arrested by US Authorities
  • China’s government conducts study on Chinese mining electricity consumption
  • Crime: Turkish cryptocurrency exchange Thodex accused of exit scam, CEO flees to Albania, 6 arrested in Turkey. South Korean cryptocurrnecy exchange raided by police and $214 million in assets frozen due to MLM scheme
  • Coinbase acquires data analytics platform Skew, CoinMetrics raises $15 million lead by Goldman Sachs, crypto payments firm Simplex acquired for $250 million
  • Binance allegedly faces investigation by IRS, CFTC
  • Bitfarms’ Canadian mining operations to be listed on Nasdaq



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