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Former IOTA Staff Research Engineer Alon Elmaliah Joins Efficient Frontier as Head of Research

Algo-trading and financial services firm Efficient Frontier recruits Alon Elmaliah to lead derivatives markets trading expansion

Efficient Frontier is glad to announce Alon Elmaliah has joined us as Head Of Research. Alon served as a core developer, Staff Research Engineer and leader of the Israel based R&D team of The IOTA Foundation and as a chip designer at Intel. Alon joined the EF team last month, bringing his strong technological skills, research and management talents to our growing company.

This hire is part of Efficient Frontier’s recent move to expand activity into the growing cryptocurrency derivatives markets. “Alon is one of the best talents in our space. I’m delighted to have him join our team, we’ve already made impressive progress together.” said Ori Cohen, Efficient Frontier’s CTO and veteran algo-trader and AI specialist.

“I’m impressed with the fore-thought and resilience of the Efficient Frontier team. There’s a wealth of knowledge in financial markets. The intellectual challenges of applying this know-how to the cryptocurrency’s derivatives markets is exciting.” Alon Elmaliah said.

Before working full time on cryptocurrency Alon contributed to open source projects while working as a chip designer. He holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science & Electronic Engineering from Tel-Aviv University. He’s a an avid member of the Tel-Aviv Bitcoin community and loves going to technical conferences, playing bass-guitar and cooking.

Efficient Frontier was established in 2016 by veteran algo-trading specialists running major algo-trading operations as regulated member of the Tel-Aviv, Frankfurt, Korean and Hong Kong stock exchanges. With technology that powers billions of dollars in annual trade and 3 years of activity, EF has gained significant partnerships with leading companies and projects in the cryptocurrency space.

For more information visit efrontier.io



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