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Sovryn explained: DeFi on Bitcoin’s side-chain

A detailed overview of Sovryn’s tech, services and decentralization

Sovryn 101

  • BTC leveraged trading
  • AMM trading (ETH, BTC, SOV, BNB)
  • Zero’- Bitcoin backed lending of USD stablecoins with 0% interest
  • Overcapitalized token lending and borrowing
  • An aggregated native stablecoin
Funds in Sovryn’s AMM pools. Source: Sovryn Wiki
AMM Volume. Source: Sovryn Wiki

What is Rootstock?

Total value hosted on RSK. Source: RSK.co

How decentralized is Sovryn?

Sending Funds to Sovryn

Sovryn Services — Financial Apps

Withdrawing Funds from Sovryn

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