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The ultimate guide to decentralized derivatives part 2: Synthetix

We’re proud to share one of the clearest guides to Ethereum’s largest synthetic tokens project to date — Synthetix, as we continue to cover in detail the growing on-chain derivatives landscape

Synthetix on-chain volume per-month. Source: DEX metrics DuneAnalytics


The Synthetix exchange

How popular is Synthetix?

Source:DEX metrics, DuneAnaylitics
SushiSwap on-chain volume VS Synthetix

How Synthetix works

sUSD VS USD. Source:CoinGecko
$SNX historical price denominated in USD. Source:CoinGecko
Screenshot of a empty Synthetix stakers Mintr dashboard

Detailed of $SNX to sUSD collateralization requirements (“c-ratios”) and their incentives:

Monetary policy and tokenomics

Amount of different Synths backed by Synthetix according to stats.synthetix.io. Screenshot March 1st 2021

Future plans

Points of failure quiz




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