Efficient Frontier
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Efficient Frontier

Usher bucks

In this edition: “extreme” Bitcoin market wrap and how the public is waking up to the sound of the Federal Reserve’s money printer

  • “The credible-scarcity component of our existing currencies — they’re losing the credibility part.”
  • “I see crypto as a mini-revolution, just like GameStop. The central banks and governments are all conspiring to create more money to keep the shareholder class wealthy. Young people think, That’s not good for me, so I’m going to exit the ecosystem and I’m going to create my own currency.
  • “We’ll have the euro, the Chinese yuan, the dollar, maybe the yen — and bitcoin. And then everything else just gets hammered.”

Market wrap

Mining difficulty

Bitcoin in the dog house?

News and links

  • Turkey temporarily bans paying for goods and services in cryptocurrency
  • Venmo adds buying, selling and holding of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash
  • Coinbase lists USDT Tether
  • Bank of England and HM Treasury launch CBDC task force, Lagarde says over 80 central banks are looking into creating digital currencies
  • QCP talks to RealVisionTv about the stablecoin revolution in East Asia
  • Square whitepaper: “Bitcoin is key to an abundant, clean energy future”
  • CME will not be launching Dogecoin futures
  • Podcast: Great interview with CIO and founder of BlockTower Ari Paul
  • From the NSA to NFTs: Edward Snowden raised $5.4 million for Freedom For the Press by selling a digital image to PleasrDAO, a on-chain investment fund for NFTs



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