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Welcoming Efficient Frontier’s new Head of DeFi Engineering, Roman Kagan

Algo-trader Efficient Frontier recruits Roman Kagan to lead DeFi expansion

We are happy to announce Roman Kagan as Efficient Frontier’s Head of DeFi Engineering, as we expand into new protocols and grow volumes and research in and around DeFi.

“Efficient Frontier is a top leader in digital assets trading. I’m excited to lead an innovative team in this new domain and to pioneer these super cool technologies in financial services.” Roman said.

Becoming fascinated by Compound and DeFi in 2018, Roman devoted his technical expertise in the last 3 years to the realm of DeFi, as an avid developer and DeFi community active member.

“I believe in decentralized finance as a futuristic financial system that is trustless, permissionless and transparent. It removes unnecessary middle men and will democratize financial services. Having worked in the past in the legacy financial sector I believe in disrupting the current monopolistic banking system.” Roman explained.

Before falling down the cryptocurrency rabbit hole Roman held several senior engineering roles at Camtek, BNY Mellon and General Motors. Roman holds a B.Sc. in computer science and Master in System Engineering from the Technion.

“With his skill sets and background, Roman is one of the top talents in our industry, we’re very excited to have him leading our DeFi efforts” said Roei Levav, Efficient Frontier’s CEO and co-founder.

“There are a lot of challenges and opportunities to tackle in DeFi and Roman is one of the leading DeFi developers and architects in the space. This is a strategic hire.” said Shai Kritz, Efficient Frontier’s Head of Product.

About Efficient Frontier

Efficient Frontier has been building powerful autonomous trading technology in crypto markets since 2018. EF’s algorithms optimize hundreds of millions of dollars and more than one hundred fifty thousand transactions in daily trading turnover across numerous digital assets and exchanges 24/7/365. With several decades of combined technology, algorithmic trading and research experience, EF helps partners build healthier, liquid markets and deliver higher value for traders and investors. The current funding round will be used to expand the research and development teams to improve the backbone of the company’s systems and support new developments in the field




With over 12 years of high frequency and algorithmic trading experience, our technology powers weekly over $1 Billion of trade. We’re passionate about digital assets and our mission is to bring professional, trusted technology that adds value to the industry and the markets.

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