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Welcoming Efficient Frontier’s new VP of People, Debbie Paz

Algol-trading firm Efficient Frontier recruits HR executive Debbie Paz to spearhead firm’s expansion.

“It’s exciting to join one of the most interesting market makers with cutting edge technology in this fast-evolving space . One of the most important aspects to me in a company are the people I work with. We can have the best strategy, but if we don’t have the hearts and minds of the people that work with us, none of this will come to life. I bring transparency and trust, which strengthens the company’s culture by empowering our employees, enabling the team to thrive on inspiration, tackle hard challenges, and stay humble while we do so.” Debbie said.

“We see strong culture as a fundamental component to our success. That’s why we met with over 50 people over the last 4 months and have chosen Debbie as our HR leader. Debbie brings tons of experience, talent and amazing vibes — exactly what we need for our next growth phase.” said Roei Levav, Efficient Frontier’s CEO and co-founder.

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