Embarking on an Experiment (making software)

Sharing my experience while making it at the same time

I’m going to try something that is preached a lot by Justin Jackson —to share as you build.

In this post, I won’t be going over what my idea is, but the process I’d like to follow as I build out my idea. If you want to follow along, sign up for the newsletter below.

For the initial phase, I’ll be following Evan Kimbrell’s Udemy course — 1 Day MVP.

For sharing and accountability, I’ve chosen Medium as my… err… medium.

Here are the things I’m going to create in a dynamic document, organized by what category they fall into [link to Google Docs] — feel free to leave a comment or two.

The first few things on that list are:

  • an email list+landing page [2/15/17] — done
  • a podcast, which serve as an audio word for word read of my posts

Things that I will not be doing:

  • working on other projects
  • listening to anything that will give me ideas to start another project
  • Trying new social media marketing tactics

How I’m going to work:

  • build high level plan
  • break tasks down into chunks
  • execute, experiment
  • re-evaluate/modify the plan

Productivity tips I’ll be applying:

  • Deep Work — 1.5 hour chunks throughout the day with periods of rest (disengagement) in between
  • Eat that Frog — Most difficult tasks first (I struggle with this a lot)

Now if you have 2 minutes, leave a comment below with what goes on in your mind when you ask yourself “What to do next?” esp. when there is a long list of stuff to do.

If you only have 2 seconds, please ❤ the article!

Thanks for reading!

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