Laurence Tribe on (and at) EG Conference

“EG is the most extraordinary conference Elizabeth and I have ever attended. At a time when we’re incessantly bombarded by the ambient noise of modern existence, numbed by political chaos and cynicism, immersed in bubbles of merely virtual interactions — a time when our minds and souls are hardened and closed off from one another and ourselves — the events and encounters at EG cleaned, refreshed and opened us to discoveries and experiences that brought awe and wonder back into our lives. All the superlatives in the world cannot describe what it feels like to open your mind, relax your body and let generosity overtake your heart” - Larry Tribe

At EG11 (2017) Laurence Tribe spoke on mathematics and law, and shared his uncommon diagrams which explain various systems in both areas. Larry was born to Russian Jewish refugees in Shanghai a couple months before the Japanese occupied the city and bombed Pearl Harbor on the same day.

Part of the session entitled Civic Arts, you can watch Laurence’s talk below or at the EG web site.

Laurence Tribe’s Talk at EG11 (2017)

Civic Arts, the second session from EG 11 (2017), encompasses a big, bold range of ideas — from how we design and remake the cities we live in, to the laws and policies that shape culture, to some of the most personal ethical choices we face. The City, as Eric Kuhne loved to observe, is humanity’s greatest work of art. Each of the speakers chosen for this suite of talks illuminated a different facet of civic thinking.

Just click on any of the speakers names below to see their talks. Here’s your play list for Civic Arts:

  1. Peter Hirshberg
    Urban reviver from San Francisco, California
  2. Pete Buttigieg
    Mayor of South Bend, Indiana
  3. Maisie Crow
    Photojournalist from Marfa, Texas
  4. Bret Chiafalo & Levi Guerra
    Presidential electors from Olympia, Washington
  5. Laurence Tribe
    Professor of Constitutional Law, from Cambridge, Massachusetts
  6. Jill Sobule
     Singer/songwriter, from Los Angeles, California

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