Conservative Radio Host: Donald Trump ‘ignorant of what he is ignorant of’ (VIDEO)

Charlie Sykes did not disappoint. He excoriated Donald Trump for his willful ignorance of Andrew Jackson and Civil War history in this excerpted video.

Charlie Sykes excoriates Donald Trump

The Conservative radio host had some choice words for Donald Trump after his false Andrew Jackson comment on the Civil War. Katy Tur played a Trump radio interview where he made some astoundingly ignorant statements. He implied that Andrew Jackson was alive during the Civil War and likely would have prevented it. He also complained that no one is asking the reasons for the civil war. One should note that Andrew Jackson was a slave owner and responsible for the slaughter of thousands of Native Americans.

Katy Tur asked Charlie Sykes to comment on Trump’s factless statements.

“Abraham Lincoln, what a dummy,” Sykes said. “Because obviously, Andrew Jackson would have handled that so much better. Your point is exactly right. It’s not just that Donald Trump is so profoundly ignorant of American history. He’s frankly ignorant of what he is ignorant of, and he doesn’t seem to have any problem advertising all of that. Yes, ‘Why did we have to have that Civil War.’ I don’t know Mr. President. Maybe it had something to do with slavery. But again, he would probably have to read a book.”

Charlie Sykes could not be clearer expressing his disdain for Trump. He is one of the intellectually honest Conservatives who has continuously held Trump to account. While Conservatives were all falling to his beck and call, Sykes held steadfastly.

It is embarrassing that this character is the president of the United States. He has not only devalued the office of the presidency but the country as a whole. The rest of the world no longer believe that the American people are intelligent in the aggregate. That they could elect such an intellectually deficient person to be the leader of the free world will likely usurp the title. Welcome, Angela Merkel.

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