Do you want a Progressive America? Vote for Progressives in the primaries.

America is not a Center-Right country. It is governed by a Right Wing sect and run by Center-Right ideologues. America is a Progressive country based on the value set people by large majorities or pluralities. So why is it that we do not see a government that reflects the people?

Elizabeth Warren prove America is a Progressive country

The answer is simple. Americans have been irresponsible with their votes. The plutocracy introduced this irresponsibility. They have successfully made most Americans believe that their vote does not matter because they really cannot change anything beyond the options given within two rails, the Establishment Democrats on the Left and the Establishment Republicans on the Right.

The TEA Party taught us that paradigm was not unbreakable. They are still in control of the Republican Party. While ineffectual because their ideology is a mathematical and societal impossibility, that is a reality Progressives need not fear if they organize and behave cohesively.

It is becoming clear that Progressives are starting to see the light. The Indivisible Movement is using some of the positive techniques used by the Right for some time with much success. The difference is that because Progressivism is inherently fact-based while Right Wing policies are generally anathema to history and facts, an elected Progressive Majority can accomplish middle-class centric policies the country is yearning for in the near term.

Several organizations including Our Revolution and Brand New Congress are seeding America in local and national elections with Progressive candidates. And note the keyword is Progressive, and not Democratic or Republican. A Progressive revolution will require the support of both parties until the day we do away with parties altogether or increase the number of functional parties.

America is governed by the Right because of a process that began with the inception of the Powell Manifesto. While Progressives were asleep basking in their many victories, the plutocracy began its infiltration in all aspects of government, education, media, and more.

Control of the media allowed them to create the false reality of what is best for Americans. Infiltrating the schools and creation of Think Tanks that mislead allowed them to give their ideology the semblance of fact-based viability. Infiltrating the government allowed them to codify their plutocracy building ideology into law.

All of this can be reversed but just like it took time to build, it will take time to destroy and rebuild the Progressive core. Americans must do their part. It is not enough to vote for the lesser of two evils. Progressives must do their civic duty. They must run for offices, from city council to municipal government, from the school board to the water board, from the state Congress to the national Congress, from the state Senate to the national Senate.

Most importantly Americans must vote in the primaries where the plutocracy fields its acceptable candidates. You see, both parties try to stuff Establishment characters which ultimately are acceptable to The Establishment. The disruption must occur in the primaries so Americans have real Progressive choices in the general election. Progressives, you have much work to do. Start now.

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