Evangelical schools ‘heretical’ evangelicals supporting Moore & Republicanism (VIDEO)

A crop of Evangelical leaders has been leading their flock into a heretic posture that is doing irreparable damage to their religious sect. This real Evangelical Reverend does not mince his words as he calls them out and schools them on what they should represent based on the biblical tenets they purport to follow.

Reverend William Barber schools Evangelical Christians in their biblical tenets.

If anyone wonders why fewer people and specifically millennials are religious, one just need to watch cancer growing within many Christian sects. Sexual abuse, racism, homophobia, greed, and outright evil against others permeate not all but a vocal and politically active portion of the religious community.

Reverend William Barber is a moral power in the Christian movement that many of the morally fallen leaders should heed. He attempts to return them to their roots. Barber recently appeared on AM Joy and excoriated those that have desecrated their religion.

“True orthodox evangelicals would not be supporting Roy Moore or this extremism in what I call Republican religionism,” Barber said. “It is not orthodox evangelicalism. They try to hijack that term.”

Barber then correctly associated the real reason for the heretical move.

“White evangelicalism is connected to white nationalism is connected to white supremacy,” Barber said. “It is the backbone of racism that has happened in this country. Now you understand that white nationalism white supremacy that promotes racism, — racism is twisted. So the notion of white evangelical values is twisted anyway because so call white evangelicals, I call them extreme Republican religionists, are culprits in the Moore defenses because they’ve given him and so many others cover on so many non-Christian policies.”

Barber then enumerated the misdeeds of these extreme Republican religionist cloaking themselves in Christian evangelism.

“Blocking healthcare is a non-Christian policy,” Barber pointed out. “Blocking living wages is a non-Christian policy. Blocking and suppressing voter rights is a non-Christian policy. Hating gay people is a non-Christian policy. Promoting guns is a non-Christian policy.”

Barber then points out that if we allow these folks to get away with claiming Christianity while supporting evil, one is emboldening their acts which they will continue to perpetuate and extend.

“If you embolden these people by giving them support and trying to call their support on those issues Christian,” Barber said. “Then it should not surprise us that they are emboldened, on this issue. Now you have people trying to compare this with Jesus and the Virgin Mary and saying that he [Moore] is under some spiritual attack like Jesus was under spiritual attack. And he is in a spiritual battle. Well, the real spiritual battle would be addressing the fact that in some counties in Alabama 40% of the people are in poverty. There are 24% of children living in households that are in poverty. That is policy pedophilia. When you are hurting children and not addressing that, — it is one of the lowest states in public education. You have nearly 900 thousand people in poverty, 29% with no health insurance. Those are the things that Christians should be dealing with if they were dealing with orthodox Evangelicalism. This is heretical. It’s hypocritical. It’s a term they have hijacked.

Barber could not have made the point any clearer. The question is how many of the heretical leaders are listening. One must go around these promoters of evil and engage those they are misleading directly. Tha. That is how one moves the juggernaut.

Originally published at EgbertoWillies.com.


Dedicated to fact based news and opinion that counters the mainstream corporatized media.

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Dedicated to fact based news and opinion that counters the mainstream corporatized media.

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