Fmr. GOP Chairman: They’re too deaf, dumb, & blind to get what’s going on out there (VIDEO)

Egberto Willies
May 31, 2017 · 3 min read

Former GOP Chairman Michael Steele did not mince words as he described the current state of his party. One wonders if they will pay for their ineptitude and dishonesty. Steele talks as if he believes they will.

Former GOP Chairman Michael Steele get real

The Republican Party is currently on auto drive completely disregarding the will of the people, and the Former GOP Chairman is calling them out.

MSNBC Host played a clip of a Congressman getting a tongue lashing on Obamacare in Louisiana. She asked Michael Steele how deep is the concern of the party. Steele did not try to spin at all.

“The concern withing the party is real, and it is palpable,” the former Chairman said. “My concern is that they are too deaf, dumb, and blind to see what is going on out there. You come to the American people with a lie that you are going to repeal and replace for seven years now. You get to that precipice, that critical moment and you’ve got bupkus, nothing. And so the American people look at you and going ‘What are you telling me. What are you saying to me?’ There are natural outrage and concern. And that is a deadly mix for a Congressman when their constituents, whether they are supportive or not supportive of the president. When their constituents look at them and go “You know, you are letting me down. that’s a real concern for them and it should be.”

The former Chairman is right to be concerned. Unfortunately, while I see a very activated Progressive grassroots, I don’t currently see the urgency within the Democratic Party to take advantage of this opportunity. I hear too much talking about things that will take care of themselves with minimal input on issues like Russia, Trump tweets, and many frivolities.

At the same time, Trump is sabotaging the Affordable Care Act from within. He is putting women protections in doubt, playing around with subsidies, and Essential Health Benefits. Likewise, he may give the wealthy the estate tax repeal they’ve been seeking for a very long time.

We must keep our eyes on the ball. Distracting ourselves with the tweets of the ‘covfefe’ type from a child president barely able to articulate a coherent sentence does little to tell working class America how we will make their lives better.

Most recent childish tweet from our child president

Fmr. GOP Chairman - They're too deaf, dumb, & blind to get what's going on out there (VIDEO) 2
Fmr. GOP Chairman - They're too deaf, dumb, & blind to get what's going on out there (VIDEO) 2
Fmr. GOP Chairman - They're too deaf, dumb, & blind to get what's going on out there (VIDEO) 2
Fmr. GOP Chairman - They're too deaf, dumb, & blind to get what's going on out there (VIDEO) 2

Let’s work on informing working class America that the pain they will feel with this year’s Obamacare increases and malfunctions will be the direct results of the ineptitude and the sabotage by the Trump administration. Likewise, let’s be prepared to let them know how we will make their everyday lives better.

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