Fox News Chris Wallace to Fox & Friends: You are having a very selective view of history (VIDEO)

The Fox & Friends host made a mistake when he attempted to take Chris Wallace to the false narrative side. Chris Wallace response stopped the usual spewing of false indoctrinating crap typically emanating from that program as he scolded the president.

Fox News Chris Wallace would have none of it as he slapped down a visibly shocked Fox & Friends’ host in this excerpted video when the host attempted to rewrite history. Wallace started his narrative by scolding the president.

“I think this president needs to get over questions about his legitimacy as president,” Wallace said. “He is the president. He has been president for a hundred and fifteen days now. He does best …”

The Fox & Friends host attempted to interrupt Chris Wallace, and Wallace shut him down.

“He does best,” Wallace continued. “When he focuses on his agenda, when he focuses on health care, when he focuses on tax reform, things that affect all of our lives. When he is questioning how many votes he got or whether there were votes stolen or how big the crowd was, that’s when he was at his worst. You know, George W. Bush had it much worse in the sense that it was a contested election. It went down to hanging chads and the Supreme Court. And he decided once I am president I am going to forget about all that, and I am going to do everything I can to unify the country.”

The host made the uninformed statement that Bush did not face the kind of headwinds Trump is facing from the left. Wallace ridiculed him for such a silly statement.

Chris Wallace slaps down Fox & Friends’ host

“Are you kidding?” Wallace snapped back. “You don’t think George W. Bush faced headwinds after the two thousand elections? I think you are having a very selective view of history.”

I usually fault Chris Wallace for attempting an unnecessary balance between the false information coming from the Right. He was not looking for any balance in this interview. He seemed to have had it with Donald Trump.

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