Journalism: Joy-Ann Reid fact checks Trump apologist peddling lies in real time (VIDEO)

Conservative activist Herb London appeared on AM Joy and attempted to defend Donald Trump by deflecting towards conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton. Joy-Ann Reid continued her journalistic duties as she forcefully fact checked him in this excerpted video. It was an epic performance.

The AM Joy Host was not pulling any punches as she immediately corrected the record from the lies spewed by her Conservative guest. London started off by giving a long soliloquy in an attempt to minimize the severity of the Trump Scandal. He included some easily debunked statements about the Trump administration.

“I don’t believe for a moment there’s a criminal case here,” London said. “I do believe that there’s an awful lot of razzle-dazzle as you pointed out. And I’m not happy about the fact that the Russians are involved in any way with what happens in an American election. But I do think that the high dudgeon that you’ve now expressed to make a major case is a distraction from the policy agenda of the Trump administration. And I’m not necessarily a defender of the Trump team. My feeling is that what you’ve overlooked is the fact that we’ve made significant strides since Donald Trump has been president, and that has been overlooked largely because this is a distraction notwithstanding your claims to the contrary. It is a distraction from the kind of policy agenda that I think we should be following.”

London went into lying conspiracy land.

“It is very interesting that when you had Hillary Clinton sell twenty percent or approved of the sale of twenty percent of American uranium to the Russians under a rather strange set of circumstances, Frank Giustra, I didn’t hear you engage in high dudgeon,” London continued. “It’s also true that when Ted Kennedy in said he implored the Russians to help defeat Ronald Reagan I didn’t hear you engage in high dudgeon. So again there’s a certain kind of hypocrisy associated with these events.”

Reid did not tackle the first lie about the success of the Trump administration. That is demonstrably false. She immediately addressed the conspiracy theory about the Hillary Clinton uranium deal.

“First of all, we’re going to go through a few of the things that you said,” Reid said. “The uranium comment is actually, I just looked up to make sure that I’m being completely accurate because that is a completely false claim that is peddled by many on the right. I’m not going to go into an entire reading exercise, but if you look up on, they went through that allegation it is actually not true that Hillary Clinton sold twenty percent. It’s not true that there was anything untoward about Hillary Clinton and uranium and Russia. That’s an entirely made up conspiracy theory that the right often pedals. It isn’t true. We’ll go through it a little bit later the show. I want to have my producers grab that article. So we’re going to table that for a minute. We will read to the audience. Because that was actually just a false claim.”

Reid then admonished Herb London’s disregard for the severity of having a foreign government meddle in a United States election. London continued in his attempt to deflect the issue towards Clinton Right Wing conspiracy theories. Joy-Ann Reid would have none of it.

“We’re wasting time talking about false conspiracy theories,” Reid said. “We would like you to focus on Donald Trump. That’s why you’re here. If you’d like to talk about Hillary Clinton, we will book you for a Hillary Clinton segment.”

Here is the article debunking the uranium conspiracy theory. We must make sure Americans are informed about the constant lies of the Right.

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