Joy-ann Reid reminds Democrats how to fight for Medicare using 2006 parallels (VIDEO)

Joy-ann Reid is not wasting time on the smoke and mirrors thrown my Trump and his team to take Americans’ eyes off the ball. She started AM Joy with a stark piece on what Democrats must do to ensure Medicare is not decimated by Republicans as she reminded them of 2006.

Joy-ann Reid hinted on how Democrats must fight Medicare privatization.

Joy-ann Reid used GOP Medicare privatization’s stark parallel to the 2004 Republican attempt to privatize Social Security & the 2006 electoral outcome for Democrats. It is refreshing see an in-depth news program discussing the real issues under Trump. Amazingly it is occurring on MSNBC and not PBS where it seems they are caught up as well into Trump’s message manipulation.

Reid began the segment with President George W. Bush bragging about earning political capital after the 2004 election and said he intended to spend it. He ran around the country trying to sell social security reform (privatization). You can watch the video here.

“President George W. Bush told the country how he wanted to cash in on all that capital by privatizing Social Security,” Reid said. “By mid-January 2005 President Bush was off on a cross-country tour peddling his plan to make Social Security quote, “a better deal for younger Americans.” He brought his pitch to Nebraska, to Florida. He even crafted his State of the Union speech around it. Privatizing the New Deal’s guarantee of a dignified retirement was his number one priority. And despite being outnumbered in the House and the Senate, this is how Democrats, the party of FDR and the New Deal responded.”

Joy-ann Reid then played Nancy Pelosi’s fighting words promising to blanket the country and the media about Social Security, and the destruction Republican policies would have on it.

Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s first policy agenda was Medicare privatization. And even though Donald Trump told his voters Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security cuts were off the table, he is filling his cabinet with privateers. You know you’ve lost the battle when Ann Coulter tweets against your Right Wing policy.

Reid reminded Democrats that there is a path. After all, most Americans voted for Democratic policies. She played a clip of Senator Elizabeth Warren urging the fight. Most importantly she reminded Democrats that they won big in 2006 after fighting for Americans by forcing Republican retreat from policies that materially hurt them.

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