Marco Rubio tried hard not to show disdain for Trump, It did not work (VIDEO)

Politics is a dirty game especially the way Donald Trump played it. Marco Rubio tried his best not to show disdain for the commander-in-chief. He failed miserably. Sometimes the body does not cooperate with the mind.

Marco Rubio showing disdain for Donald Trump

In Donald Trump’s world, Marco Rubio is a prop that does not have feelings. Seeing Rubio cringe was refreshing as it shows he still feels.

Here is the reality. Marco Rubio should be commended for his composure with Donald Trump over the last few months. After all, Donald Trump was not kind to him during the primaries. In fact, he was downright evil. Who can forget at the debate where Donald Trump referred to Rubio as little Marco in a successful effort to knock him off keel.

Trump made his Florida visit to encourage those supporting the Hurricane Irma relief effort. He acknowledged the good work of Florida Governor Rick Scott. In the process, he called out Rubio and placed his hands on his shoulder. Marco’s discomfort was evident. It was obvious that it continued to bother Rubio, given his facial reaction and his uncomfortable wiping off of his face and mouth.

One of the reasons Donald Trump is unlikely to be successful promoting most of his agenda is because he has no semblance of loyalty to anyone, neither within his party or outside of his party.

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