Maxine Waters says what others won’t say, Russian collusion would cause Trump impeachment

Congresswoman Maxine Waters unlike many is not allowing Donald Trump’s continuous bait and switch antics to take one’s eye off the Russian collusion ball. She is serious about the possibility of impeachment. The Congresswoman is putting Donald Trump on notice. She will not allow Trump’s team’s collusion with the Russians to go unpunished. She appeared on AM Joy and made it quite clear in this excerpted video.

Maxine Waters is sober about possible Trump impeachment

“This Russian connection is a serious issue,” Maxine Waters said. “I’ve been talking about it for a long time. And each day we learn more and more about it. The Guardian article brings us even closer to the facts that something took place. Meetings have taken place. Conversations have taken place. I’ve always said that I believe there was collusion. And if we determine the facts, if the dots are connected, that there has been collusion, then I really do think that this president could be impeached. I want people to follow what is going on. The president would like us not to focus on Russia, not to focus on the Kremlin, not to talk about Putin. But it’s inevitable. It is happening. And Michael Flynn is taking us closer to that conversation with the investigation that is going on about him.”

Maxine Waters has made similar comments before alluding to impeachment. She went on the House floor and made the following statement.

Hayes started by playing Congresswoman Waters on the House floor pointing out how dangerous Donald Trump is. In that speech, she said many who claim to be patriotic aren’t so given what they’ve allowed from Trump. She said it is Progressives who are fighting to maintain our Democracy.
“You are not nearly as patriotic as we are,” Waters said. “And my mission & my goal is to make sure that he does not remain President of the United States of America.”

Donald Trump would do well to come clean sooner than later. Water simply will not let go. She will keep shining light on Trump’s collusion with the Russians.

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