MSNBC Ali Velshi nails Republicans on their tax cut scam like no other (VIDEO)

Egberto Willies
Dec 5, 2017 · 2 min read

It has been very disappointing the poor job most journalists have been doing to debunk the GOP lies about their tax cut scam. Velshi & Ruhle are a couple of journalists that’s been hard hitting. Velshi, in this clip, shows how one should do these types of critiques.

Ali Velshi’s report is journalism in action

Ali Velshi’s brought together the story in three discernable segments that made it objective, understandable, and unbiased.

Velshi starts by calling out all the lies that Republicans have been spewing about the tax cut scam.

Call out Republican lies about the tax cut scam

  • It focuses on the middle-class (LIE)
  • It won’t benefit the wealthy (LIE)
  • It’s terrible for Trump’s family fortune (LIE)
  • The tax cut scam will pay for itself (LIE)
  • It will help pay down the national debt (LIE)
  • .4% boost in GDP will pay for the tax cut scam and more (MISLEADING)

Educate Americans with unbiased studies and analysis

Velshi then educates by pointing out that there has been no period in American history where the required GDP boost was sustainable. As such the Republicans are pegging success on something that has never happened, something our economic system is resistant to systemically. He enumerated studies from left-leaning, non-partisan, and right-leaning organizations who all debunked the fallacies emanating from misinforming Republicans. They all show that the Republican tax cut scam explodes the deficit. He then pointed out that 42 leading American economist polled made it clear that the tax cut scam will not grow the economy in such a manner that it pays for itself.

Provide an informed opinion based on the results given the fact

“Tax cuts, any tax cuts, sure sound great,” Ali Velshi said. “But if we are going to bust the bank to enact them, we should be honest about what they are going to cost us.”

If our journalists did this kind of reporting, Americans would be informed, and politicians would be unable to pull the wool over the heads of most. Ali Velshi has been doing this type of compelling journalism for some time now. Great job Mr. Velshi.

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