Progressives: Russia must not cloud the suffering of working class America (VIDEO)

The Trump/Russian story is very important. But my fear is that Progressives massive concentration on Russia, a delightful topic for the Liberal Intelligensia is leaving our working class and poor brothers and sisters no better off for yet another election cycle. It is time to win them over, and Russia isn’t it. This is what we should be doing.

Progressives must take care of working class issues

I am tired of the hyperventilation by the media and specifically Progressives over the likely collusion between Trump and Russia at the expense of all else. Did you know that HHS Secretary Tom Price attempted to bring the Trump authoritarianism to the entire staff till two Republicans called him out? Did you know that the bridge that collapsed in Atlanta 45 days ago was rebuilt and opening next Monday, while for the past five years people in Flint Michigan have died and are still being poisoned by their tap water? Did you know that Trump intends to sabotage Obamacare in an attempt to force a tax cut bill with the facade of a health care bill?

Folks what we have in this country is news malpractice. Our brothers and sisters are not dumb. They are ill and misinformed. And that is why we must be here. That is why the alternative community supported radio must be here to be the voice of the people and the voice to inform the people.

We better remember that while Republicans have nothing to offer the poor and the working class, they know how to sell a bad product much better than we know how to sell a darn good product.

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