Reporter who broke Iran-Contra thinks a soft coup on Trump is on

Robert Parry, the AP reporter that broke many of the Iran-Contra stories believes a soft coup, on Trump, is on. Whether you believe impeachment of the president is justified, there are some concerning aspects to our intelligence machine that should concern us.

Robert Parry believes the United States intelligence mechanism is attempting a soft coup, on Trump, that should be concerning for other presidents. Yes, Progressives know that Donald Trump is an undemocratically illegitimate president. Worse he is a liar that is in over his head. But does Robert Parry make a few concerning points?

Parry’s article titled “‘Soft Coup’ on Trump, Hiding in Plain Sight” is long but a solid read. He writes,

So what were we watching in ex-FBI Director James Comey’s testimony on Thursday: an upright public servant punished for resisting a power-mad President or a participant in a political scheme to use the law as a way to overturn a U.S. presidential election?
There was a general consensus in the mainstream media that it was the first, that Comey was the noble victim and President Trump the conniving villain. And, surely, Trump could be criticized for his clumsy firing of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and ensuing expression of “hope” to then-FBI Director Comey that Flynn would not be punished further.
But — outside the view of the MSM — there are other troubling aspects of what is now unfolding, including the scene of FBI Director Comey informing President-elect Trump on Jan. 6 about a defamatory annex to an intelligence report detailing unproven but salacious allegations and then seeing those details leaked almost immediately to humiliate Trump in the days before his Inauguration.

After going through some of Comey’s testimony, he asks the tough question about Edgar Hoover relative to James Comey for bringing the Trump Dossier into the fold.

Given the mainstream media’s determined promotion of Russia-gate as a legitimate scandal, the extraordinary nature of this briefing incident has passed largely unnoticed.
If, however, you substituted FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover for FBI Director Comey, the significance of the I.C.’s gratuitous inclusion of such an unsubstantiated smear might take on a different coloring. It was, after all, the decision to tack this classified annex onto the Jan. 6 report that gave the mainstream media the hook to disseminate the “golden shower” accusation across the country and around the world. …
Just three days earlier, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow that Trump was “being really dumb” by taking on the Intelligence Community because “they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.”
In the five months since the Jan. 6 briefing, Trump has gotten a taste of how accurate Schumer’s observation was. Making sure that the public got to read the “dirty dossier” — compiled by ex-British spy Christopher Steele and financed by some still unknown Clinton supporter — was clearly one of those six ways.

Parry then makes his point about the soft coup that he believes is in process.

In other words, what we may have witnessed in Comey’s ballyhooed testimony on Thursday was just the latest chapter in a “soft coup” to remove Trump — either through a forced resignation or impeachment. The thinking is that Trump is so incompetent that “wise men” must step in to “correct a mistake” made by the U.S. electorate and made possible by the Constitution’s Electoral College system, which enabled Trump to win the presidency despite losing the popular vote,
But the American people are not supposed to see it that way. After all, the realization that U.S. intelligence chieftains might be conspiring to overturn a constitutional election of a U.S. president could be most upsetting and unsettling, even if one assumes that they are sincerely doing what they think is “best for the country.”
So, this side of the story remains unspoken, a silence made possible by the fact that most of the nation’s top news executives and much of its political elite share the opinion that Trump’s presidency must be ended and a more traditional chief executive installed.

It is not necessary to be in full agreement with the article to see the dangers that our intelligence agencies could inflict, let’s say, on a very Progressive president intent on moving the country to a more socially and economically equitable system.

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