RNC Chair tears into DNC Chair. Democrats lose because responses are lousy (VIDEO)

If there is any doubt why Democrats continue to lose, the exchange between RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and DNC Chairman Tom Perez provides the exact reasons. Democrats fail to engage or to go for the jugular when it is necessary to prevent misinformation from taking root.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel pretty much had her way with DNC Chairman Tom Perez, in this excerpted video, as it was clear he could never get his footing.

“I’m not afraid of Democrats, and as Michigan char especially this election,” said Ronna McDaniel. “We had a lot of Democrat crossover for President Trump. Union Democrats, people who hadn’t traditionally voted Republican. I think we do have to have more of a dialogue, talk about our differences in a respectful way. Sometimes it gets elevated too much.”

Perez failed to call out the elevation as being the overblown rhetoric by the Right. Instead, he went to cookie cutter Democratic talking points.

“I think we need to lead with our values, Chuck,” said Tom Perez. “And, health care is a right for all, not a privilege for a few. We are the party of opportunity for everyone, not just opportunity for a few at the top. And, I think when we lead with our values we can command the respect and support of the majority of the American people. Because, I think people want a good job for everyone, they want secure retirement, they want health care, they want a roof over their head. Those are not just Democratic values, those are American values.”

Right away McDaniel went for the jugular claiming Obamacare is collapsing.

“We want better jobs for people, we want better wages,” said Ronna McDaniel. “Listen, the Republican party is not the party for the wealthy. We care about everyone. I think there is a different way to get to those things. I just disagree with their path. I don’t think bigger government is the way to get things better. I don’t think a failing Obamacare that’s collapsing, and insurers are pulling out of the marketplace is the right way to do it.”

Tom Perez failed to point to very specific reasons why many exchanged are in trouble. He failed to speak about Republican bills that destroyed risk channels as well as other moves of sabotage by Republicans over the years and under Donald Trump. In effect, failure to challenge Republicans for years have posited that Obamacare is in danger of laying the path for Trumpcare.

“I think the debate on the Trumpcare bill is a perfect example of our differences,” said Tom Perez. “WE believe as Democrats that health care is a right for all, not a privilege for a few. And, the Affordable Care Act cut the ranks of the uninsured by almost 50 percent. Was it perfect? No. And the North Star for us is are we helping people get access to quality, affordable health care. Can we do better? The challenge that we have now is that the Trumpcare is not a health care bill, it’s a tax cut for very wealthy people.”

McDaniel continued to push the concept of Obamacare failing because Perez did not redirect to reasons that it is in trouble which would have changed the direction of the discussion.

“I think health insurance is one thing, but right now you have health insurance costs that are doubling,” said Ronna McDaniel. “You have deductibles that are so high and you have insurers pulling out of the marketplace. But, that’s not health care. Okay? So, Obamacare didn’t get people health care, it got them higher and higher health insurance that they can’t access health care with. And, so we have to find a way. And, you know what, Republicans are sitting at the table and we’re saying “Democrats come over, talk with us. You put this in place, be part of the solution, it’s failing.”

Perez continued with the cookie cutter talking points that everyone has already digested as such.

“Chuck, I mean this is really important. The Affordable Care Act saved lives,” said Tom Perez. “I spoke to people; I get approached by people every day. My son is on the autism spectrum, and if I lose the coverage under Medicaid, I’m going to have to institutionalize him. We talk about the opioid epidemic, and roughly a third of the coverage for opioid victims is through Medicaid. And, they want to change Medicaid as we know it.”

McDaniel continued to strike at Obamacare. Why not. All she got from Perez were feeble responses.

“The Affordable Care Act was not affordable,” said Ronna McDaniel. “The Affordable Care Act is not affordable. Premiums have gone up 105-percent.Tell me that it’s doing well. Our marketplaces, insurers are pulling out of the marketplaces. Are there 49 counties that won’t have an insurer next year? Are there 40-percent of the counties that will have only one? Are premiums doubling? It’s failing.”

“Talk to the person who has been confronting the opioid epidemic,” said Tom Perez. “And the Affordable Care Act has helped them get access to care.”

After a few back and forths, watch how McDaniel with the help of Chuck Todd continue to put Perez on the defensive. How comes did not see other comments by Republicans as elevated rhetoric?

“when Tom’s saying Republicans don’t give a blank about anyone,” said Ronna McDaniel. “When he goes around and says that about the other party, I know Democrats care about other people. We just have a difference of opinion on the path to get there, but that type of rhetoric doesn’t bring people to our party.”

“She brought up a line that you said, that you were quoted as saying,” Chuck Todd said taking the lead from the RNC Chair to change the narrative once again against Democrats. “Do you regret saying that?”

“Chuck here’s the problem,” Perez said. “I meet people who are worried to death because this Republican repeal bill is not a health care bill. It’s a tax cut bill for the mega-wealthy, masquerading as a health care bill.”

Tom Perez answer was silly. He should have said he does not regret the answer because actions speak louder than words and Republican actions are speaking louder than ever.

All of our fears I wrote in the piece titled “Even as Trumpcare Senate vote delayed Democratic leadership blowing it” is coming to fruiting. We need fighters. America wants people ready to find for them. So far their leaders aren’t.

Originally published at EgbertoWillies.com.

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