Russia scandal won’t cause Trump’s impeachment. because of these specific reasons

Many Progressives are betting that the Russia scandal will cause Trump’s impeachment. Don’t bet on it. Republicans have several uses for Trump and removing him from office now is not in the cards.

Trump’s impeachment hopes overblown?

While many are creating their scenarios of a Trump impeachment, the Republican leadership are strategizing on their draconian policies. The Russia scandal is serious. But as Alan Dershowitz points out, there is a good chance none of the deeds will constitute a violation of federal law.

In an MSNBC segment hosted by Stephanie Ruhle, legal expert Alan Dershowitz responds to breaking reports that President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner’s contacts with Russians are being investigated. Dershowitz explained how even the worst of the worst things the Trump team is being accused of doing vis-a-vis Russia aren’t against the law. “Just simply not crimes,” he said.

Dershowitz could be wrong, but he is likely right. While Flynn and others may be in legal jeopardy, there is a good chance the president isn’t.

But while we spend an inordinate amount of time writing and speculating about Russia, we may fail to work sufficiently hard to resist and disrupt the House and Senate Republicans. Many of these guys may be willing to lose their jobs because their investors will reward their loyalty for draconian tax cuts, repeal of the estate tax, and the possible destruction of the Affordable Care Act.

Republicans need Trump for two things. They need him to sign their bills. They also need him to be the fall guy if necessary for any negative response to the bills he signs. Paul Ryan makes sure he stated in the past that Donald Trump was instrumental in the Trumpcare bill. Likewise, while many say Trump’s budget is dead on arrival, it is more in line with Republican orthodoxy than not. They will pick and choose portions of his budget and obfuscate the rest as they pass something closer to their dream. They will get something out of their unity government.

The resistance must assume this is the modus operandi and disrupt it by calling out Republican politicians continuously. They must not expect that the Russian scandal will cripple the Republicans.

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