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What I find most striking is the level of irresponsibility, callousness, and evil displayed by many Republicans who want to repeal Obamacare in the name of their debunked Ayn Randian ideology. It is for you the reader to share this type of information with your friends, families, and neighbors so you can resist the damage these ideologues will inflict on the poor and the middle-class.

Fiscal responsibility dictated that every state should have accepted the Medicaid Expansion to Obamacare. Why? Their state residents were already paying for it, yet their state hospitals including rural hospitals in dire straits were going through hardships or outright closing. The evilest and fiscally irresponsible act was not to take it for the first three years. It covered 100% of the Medicaid costs. After three years the states were just responsible for 10% of the cost.

Thousands of Americans died in the Red States because their Republican governors and legislatures refused to accept the care their citizens would have gotten. These are the same people that equate a woman’s choice of terminating a pregnancy, the removal of a fetus before it is a person, murder. But for the living, death because of lack of insurance that is already paid for is okay? Is that humane?

Well, the studies are out. Read the entire article here.

The researchers concluded that when states expanded eligibility for the low-income health insurance program they did see larger health care expenditures — but those costs were covered with federal funding. In addition, expansion states didn’t have to skimp on other policy priorities — such as environment, housing and other public health initiatives — to make ends meet.
“This is a potential big benefit, not only to people who get coverage, but to state economies,” said Benjamin Sommers, an associate professor of health policy and economics at Harvard University’s public health school, and the study’s first author.
This finding — that states expanding Medicaid didn’t encounter unforeseen budget problems — shouldn’t be surprising.
“Expansion is basically free” to the states, agreed Massachusetts Institute of Technology economist Jonathan Gruber, one of Obamacare’s architects who worked with Sommers to systematically compare the budgets of all 50 states to examine Medicaid expansion’s impact. “That’s the big insight,” he said. “There’s no sort of hidden downside.”

Republicans have been consistently wrong about Obamacare. We must not give them the opportunity to turn the entire system upside down. Resist. Share this type of information to counter their fake news engines.

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