What is BaaS?

Architecture of Microsoft Azure

BaaS means “blockchain as a service”. It’s when in a matter of clicks you get your own custom Ethereum or Hyperledger Fabric blockchain deployed on cloud servers. For example, AWS and Microsoft Azure are such BaaS providers.

My experience with BaaS was mainly with Infura — they provide a scalable access to Ethereum’s mainnet and testnets (Ropsten, Rinkeby, and Kovan). The experience was good enough, although there a number of limitations when working with Infura:

  • They don’t store (or provide access to) Ethereum’s event log. This means that you cannot subscribe to smart contract events from your dapp when you use Infura as a web3 provider.
  • It’s impossible to set up your Ethereum account on their side, so you need to signup raw transactions in order to deploy/create smart contracts and call stateful functions on Ethereum.

Btw, I have written a JavaScript code that handles all these inconveniences when working with Infura, let me know if you want this code to be opensourced.

For more information please visit their site:

Other BaaS providers:

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