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Blitzen Kush (Letter to Santa 2010)

Dear Santa, With such a long & stressful night ahead of you, we wanted to leave you a little herbal refreshment to mellow your vibe.
BTW, do you have a medical card, yet?
We went ahead and got you one so you can avoid hassle with the Cali police.
We should warn you that this is pretty strong stuff. If you get too foggy & you’re high as a kite, Rudolph can guide your sleigh tonight. (He doesn’t partake in “reindeer games” so he’s an awesome designated sleigh driver.)
Anyhoo, Thanks so much for being such an awesome “Gifting” role model. You truly are an inspiration.
Thanks again for all you do.
Love, Jimmy & Johnny
p.s. If you are not a smoker, just leave this underneath the tree of any college student.



Wacky Holiday Traditions & Santa Gifts Gone Wrong

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John Halcyon Styn

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