Keep the unity, celebrate the diversity

Celebrating our diversity

Last Sunday at La Cité was so great! I loved so many things — the atmosphere, friendships, community feel, a testimony of a work with immigrants, the authentic and vibrant worship (incl. the dancing), the prophetic contributions leading us to pray for our beloved city, the message on keeping the unity, the diversity we have, the communion time praying for one another and the great cup of Honor coffee. Wow! I give God all the glory for what is happening in and through La Cité. He is working through each one of us. Everybody plays their part, and He brings us together in a beautiful, and unique way.

I believe God has a unique thumbprint for us as a local church. As each individual is different, I believe each local church is also unique — imprinted by God’s hand to accomplish what He intends. I love the freedom we have to be ourselves, within the Biblical boundaries. May we grow from strength to strength in knowing Jesus Christ, and in making Him known in Paris and from Paris.

Reflecting on my message from Sunday, unity in a local church is really brought about by the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:42–47) — we are filled with the same love, adopted by the same Father, united around the same vision. Yet as a church grows, it can place pressure on our unity. The same is true of every organization. In Acts 6 we see that the early church struggled with in-fighting. A key lesson is that we need to be intentional about keeping unity.

Some things we can do to keep the unity

  1. Be Spirit led Vs. led by our sinful desires (Gal 5:17–20; James 4:1).
  2. Walk in humility Vs. giving in to pride and arrogance (Phil 2:1–3).
  3. Put our faith in Jesus and walk in accordance to His ways. Jesus commands our destiny. Your future and my future are not in men’s hands. It’s in His hands.
  4. Keep the big picture in mind. His vision, His mission.
  5. Use our tongue wisely … to build (James 3).

Let’s pay attention as we give ourselves to accomplish His purposes.