Am i the first Indonesian guy who spent monthly by $5 extra on Medium?

If someone who also Indonesian have been there before, don’t be hesitate to follow me.

My simple reflection for being thankful — grateful, for helping my vulnerable journey in life caused of excellent posts here.

For certain people, saw a lil bit controversy during membership features. On other side there are also some people praise at.

It’s normally. As plus — minus things. There’ll be a pairs of our rational thinking in life right. We just need to appreciate it

Since i broke up two years ago, i red many books in how to release your painful moment by let it go what should we’ve been through in life.

Then i red a lot about the things i was looking for: growth hacking, life lessons and many posts are excellent here.

I was entertained — encouraged enough.

I have theee main reasons as my simple reflection why i choose medium membership:

I was born from startup environment. I know how they hardly build the product with many concepts of growth hacking


I appreciate many great writers here, Darius Foroux Thomas Oppong Benjamin P. Hardy and James Clear helps me a lot with their ‘concrete’ story. It works reshaped my perception to be more positive

The last one,

Encourage myself for having daily habit on writing — reading more without any distraction

No matter what, are you subscribers or not. This place is rejuvenation, a place where we must unlearn what we’ve learned in real world, real life. Which full of ambiguity and conservative society thinking.

Cheers for those who inspired me a lot :)

Egi is a lone-ranger digitalism addict who loves read — explore new things in life.

Awarded digital bronze awards when at overseas working time. Currently running local startup business. Spent his rest of spare time by researching — actively on Indonesian Flat Earth Society.