About — me: ‘How to Became a ‘Hybrid’ During My 5 Years Journey’

March, 2014. During my CampNou visited on #XpresiBCA campaign.

According to wikiwand.
“Hybrid power are combinations between different technologies to produce power.”

In terms of using the words of ‘power’, combinations is one of my key — value. Leads by the essence of ‘’to produce power’.

Produce power means, the ability to plan, excute and touch — up. Subsequently leads to complete titled as content marketers.

Besides the strategy as the wireframe, my second ability on advance level was fulfilled with: content creationist — development.

egeogi publication on: medium.com/egoegi.

// What has he done lately? what are the best — succeed and failed journeys around his career? keep scroll down below.

Recently, 10 months ago.

My first overseas during my contract projects at one of most — prestigious local agency in Phnom Penh: Comzone communications.

I was hired: to developed, managed and led internal team with 6 brands accountability within the organization so far, since Cambodia is one step behind of my hometown digital’s growth. The prospects are hot in here!

Most brands were at certain business lines; fast — moving consumer goods and healthcare.

The most largest — famous beer in country, Angkor beer was one of my prestigious client. Followed with Pepsi and STING energy drinks were also under Cambrew Ltd groups.

PSK group, one of who concern with woman’s health and genital care was also under my job description: fan page optimization via content strategy and few some tactics implementation during campaign’s period.

Number One condom and Modern Woman were both of under PSK’s.

// What i’ve done for specific projects? here are below:

#1. Website Revamp — Angkor beer, Cambrew Ltd.

Angkor beer was considered to revamp — rejuvenate their own old site: angkorbeer.com.kh since it was mixed with their current company’s group, Cambrew Ltd.

Period. June — December 2016. Amount of Person — In — Charges. Four internal PIC and vendor (external).

The goals are. Exposure and Rejuvenation. Since the curent site was mixed with their own big group; Cambrew Ltd. Angkor needs more exposure and brand clarity focused on their own beer characteristics which aim to youth generation of Khmer people. User — Xperience improvement and make the content architectures more readable and interesting.

What’s my roles and tasks?

The Masterplan — As the project lead , i was conducted site audit first (qualitative — quantitative) as basic started.

Across Organization — Communicated — collaborated with: brand’s account, designer and vendor relation. Guidance the process development to be readable for general users (client and internal).

The summary — advantages results:

  • Organization cost efficiency at level 62%. Due to lean internal team with constant acceleration on developing.
  • Vendor appointments decreased at lower rate if we compared to local vendor in Phnom penh; with specific advantages — technology.

#2. Microsite Development — Prudential Cambodia.

Prudential had to short periodic campaign withing three months; September to November 2016. Which aligned with an offline activation in five big provinces in Cambodia.


The goals are. Conducted — established the microsite as centre of campaign attraction on thinklifeinsurancekh.com, where leads to generated an e-mail and personal information of visitors.

What i’ve done for thinklifeinsurancekh.com?

During the journey on second month, i was succeed obtained higher e-mail conversions by doing split test on images and channel sources.

Collected higher e-mails conversion on fifth week, with discrepancy at 431 users higher than four previous week.

#3. Social Media Optimization — Faceboook Fan Page.

Since Facebook is the most famous social media — website for Khmer people, my duty was also related to optimized — increased several brand’s fan page.

Angkor beer, Pepsi and STING of Cambrew Ltd. Followed with Number One condom and Modern Woman of PSK group were under my obligation. Also responsible to managed internal account to speak — out around advertising and digital information.

One of my content creation on Angkor’s fan page.

// To be continue…