It’s Just Like a Gravity, Twisted Logic as ‘Conundrum’.

“You know what your hearts willing to, but you stucked and trapped in the middle of bias. Because you had lose before, just for your last best supper.”

The same way when i was shocked with the fallacy of Newtonian’s, gravity.

Which could never been explained in simple words, need numbers, patterns and randomness.

Conversely, at first time we met. We knew, we clicked at each other.

Amazingly, seeking for my lost sense which i never could be satisfied. Logic was twisted. Then, the conundrum just happened.

// Conundrum

noun. — a confusing and difficult problem or question.

It walks around, has own special orbit. The thing I was missed to figured out. Until i decided: how to make the conundrum will much shorter and easier?

“I need to choose, one out of two. Then i moved, decision has been made.”

Until today, i’m in the edge of cliff. One step feet to fallen down. Since gravity rules established, what goes up, will goes down.

But it was Archimedes, we were misleading: with the mass of weight. Neither do in our life.

If you’ve been loved contained with heavy mass in life, the damage effect of falling down will be looks lighter, less hurted. You’ve been strengthened before.

The Conundrum pushed me out, even the time has changed and people also.

Sometimes, love is just not enough as the reason. Love itself couldn’t accepted the harsh reality my past life; what i left just to be sacrified for.

Yes you are able to choose who you open your heart to. Then you choose who to use your feelings for.

In the end, human will find the way, even it would take much time and pain, they will find the better place, with better environment around.

And what you have to know in life: what we’ve been through so far, by time, heart and tears, it won’t make you sure, you’ll be given the same way you did.

Life will never be unfair, the fairy — tale does. Such as gravity and the wide open space outside there, beyond our imagination.

Some strange place, alone on Cooper’s. Along with Conundrum.

Be Careful and wisely. Who you love, and know who you shouldn’t. Don’t be like the story you just read.

Doing for nothing. In the end.

// TheJournal egoégi.

Currently in Phnom penh: “What i survived, might killed you.”

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